Motion tracking security camera
BOSCH Security has raised video surveillance technology to a new level with the introduction of AutoTrack, the innovative motion tracking capability built into its AutoDome cameras.

AutoTrack -- follows the subject anywhere.

The next generation of motion detection, AutoTrack not only senses movement but follows it.

When AutoTrack detects motion, the camera zooms in on the target and tracks the moving object.

An AutoDome with AutoTrack can monitor an area with a preset tour, but once motion is detected the camera automatically locks onto the subject, zooms in for a better view and follows the subject anywhere within the camera's 360 degree coverage area.

Security personnel can concentrate on the required response.

When connected to a recording device, and motion is detected by AutoTrack, the recorder immediately begins recording uninterrupted video concentrating on where the movement has taken place.

All AutoDome camera systems, including the new AutoTrack model, integrate with the entire line of Bosch surveillance products.

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