Nanny Cam inside an artificial house plant.

Nanny Cam in a House Plant

Stop wondering how your nanny is treating your young one. This ordinary house plant camera can mean the difference between a good experience or a bad experience with your nanny. It could also be a matter of life or death. Child abuse by caregivers is not a new thing. It's been going on since you were a baby. This new technology will enable you to relax and take a deep breath when you confirm your child is in safe, loving hands.

Built into this artificial house plant is a nanny cam that is virtually undetectable. Using the latest Sony SUPER HAD CCD technology, we've made this nanny cam with the best camera possible. The internal 2.4GHz, 4 channel video transmitter will send wireless video up to 700 feet away to the included wireless receiver. To record the video you will need to supply your own VCR or purchase one from us.

The nanny cam comes with two types of sources. We include an 8AA battery holder that will operate your nanny cam for up to 8 hours as well as an A/C adapter that you can plug into a nearby outlet.

You have the option of three distinct camera options with this nanny cam. The standard black & white CCD offers excellent video coverage in low room light. The standard color camera offers a camcorder quality image as long as there is sufficient room lighting. If you can see to read a book comfortably then the color camera will render good results. The ultimate nanny cam option is the day/night camera. The camera will automatically switch from Color to Black & White when room lighting gets low.

Operation is a Breeze

We know you have better things to do than learning a new trade or skill. You don't need any special tools or knowledge to operate this nanny cam. This system sends wireless video to a receiver box that you attach to your VCR for recording. Simply place the camera where your nanny is likely to spend the most time with your child, attach the receiver to your VCR in an undisclosed location, follow the included instructions for easy setup and you will be recording full motion video for review when you return home.

Want to know what goes on while you are NOT at home?

With the digital age comes many advantages. One advantage for you is that you can now watch your nanny cam over the internet while you're at work or anywhere you have online access. What you will need is a high speed internet connection, a router, and a static IP address is highly recommended. With our DVR or network video server you can watch live video remotely.

The difference between DVRs and our network video server is that you can actually record with a DVR and access the video at the same time. With the network video server you are limited to just viewing the nanny cam in real time. It has no recording option but is much more affordable.

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