Nanny-Cam May Leave a Home Exposed
By JOHN SCHWARTZ (NYT) 1758 words
Late Edition - Final , Section 1 , Page 1 , Column 1

ABSTRACT - Thousands of people who have installed popular wireless video camera for security have unwittingly opened up their homes and offices to anyone with cheap receiver that can pick up camera's signal as it is sent to nearby base station for monitoring; privacy advocate in New Jersey demonstrates ease of intercepting pictures from inside homes in Chatham and Staples store in Madison; photos; Aviel D Rubin of AT&T Labs, which identified problem, explains; Prof Clifford D Fishman says such digital peeping is apparently legal because wiretap laws apply to sound, not video, and legal bans on telephone eavesdropping were passed at urging of telecommunications industry to reassure consumers; X10 Wireless Technology markets camera widely over Internet (M)

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