The World's Most Advanced All-In-One Solution for LIVE Internet-Based Security & Monitoring solutions. iWATCH is a turnkey system that will deliver live video from your PC onto the Internet for you to view remotely. Thus, you can view live video imagery of your home or office without navigational headaches, bottlenecks, or intrusive advertising. Includes a 1 year subscription to Personal Web Address"...

Box Contents:
2 24-bit full-color webcams
VS-800 4 port switcher
iVISTA operating software
All Cabling and mounts
Video Capture Card
System Requirements:
Running iVISTA on your PC
PC with a Pentium processor
Windows-based operating system (95, 98, Me, NT 4.0 and 2000)
32 MB RAM (Windows 2000 requires 64 MB)
20 MB HD disk space
Internet Connection
Available Serial Port
PCI Slot
Audio Slot (if you are planning on streaming audio)

Those planning to install an Internet-based monitoring or surveillance system for the home or office should consider the Inetcam VTS 8500 Color Video Transmission System. This system is an industrial-strength Webcam solution simple enough for even relatively unsophisticated computer users. The VTS 8500 kit includes two color video cameras and a four-port video switcher (so you can add two more cameras) that connects to your computer via a nine-pin serial port. The cameras can be installed up to 500 feet from the switcher and include cast-iron bases with screw holes for mounting on walls or ceilings and flexible pointing mechanisms. Though microphones and audio cables are provided, audio is not supported by the current software, which makes using the VTS 8500 as a live video feed for a Web site less than ideal at this time.

The cameras feed into the switcher, which connects via a composite video cable into any Video for Windows-compatible capture card (not included). During setup and registration, Inetcam creates all necessary Java and HTML files to serve the videos from any Web server, or you can cut and paste the Java control parameters into your own Web page format. If you don't have your own server, you can link to a free dynamic DNS service provided by Inetcam and serve video from any computer with an Internet connection, even if it doesn't have a fixed IP address. During operation, you control transmission parameters such as window size, frame speed, and compression rate, but you can't set a target transmission bit rate. Other server-side controls include local recording of transmitted video, file logging, and still-image FTP to remote Web sites.

Any user with an Internet connection and Java-compatible browser can display the video; no plug-ins are required, only very small (25K or smaller) Java modules. Viewers can adjust the brightness and contrast of the transmitted video and the compression ratio.

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