Netcam Watcher Professional

Netcam Watcher Professional is a full-featured digital video recording software package for network cameras that can record multiple cameras simultaneously.

Record from conventional snapshot webcams, network cameras, network servers and Webcam32 streaming webcams.

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Features Include:

  • Patrol Function lets you specify a number of preset positions to pan the camera to at a specified interval. Patrolling can also be started and stopped according to a patrol schedule.
  • FTP: This lets you send the latest picture(s) and/or Alarm images to a remote server. This also effectively lets you turn your cameras into normal "webcams" (i.e., live images available on the Internet)
  • Quad Display shows four cameras at once. Initially it shows the first four cameras, but you can drag cameras from the thumbnails panel to change.
  • Thumbnails On/Off for reconfiguring the display, or for improved performance. You can also make the thumbnails monochrome for improved performance.
  • Rewrite of communications code means that performance and responsiveness improved.
  • Alarm when camera offline so you can be notified if a camera goes offline when it shouldn't
  • Archive before deleting recordings: When old recordings are deleted to make space for new ones, you can archive them first.
  • Backup Facility automatically performs backups of your configuration and recordings on a regular basis.
  • Ability to specify recording location. Previously recordings were all stored on the same disk, but now you can specify different location for each camera.

    Features of Netcam Watcher Professional:

    ? Easily reconfigurable display allows viewing of multiple cameras
    ? Masked motion detection allows precise control over Frame Recording and Alarms.
    ? Cameras can operate according to easily defined Schedules (e.g. ?Office Hours?).
    ? E-mail image when Alarm occurs.
    ? Disk Space Management optionally overwrites old archived images to allow for continuous operation.
    ? CamBar allows subset of cameras on screen at all times.
    ? Print utility allows multiple images per page to be printed.
    ? Built-in MJPEG player allows viewing of recorded images and display each frame?s timestamp.
    ? Convert recorded MJPEG files to AVI format.
    ? Image Enhancer for poor quality or lighting.
    ? Search archived images and display motion graphically.
    ? Instantly jump to a particular motion

    System Requirements
    Netcam Watcher Professional requires Windows 98, ME, XP or 2000 with a minimum of 128Mb of RAM and SVGA display (800x600) or better.

    Serious users should consider using Windows 2000 or XP with 256Mb or more of RAM. The amount of disk space required depends entirely on the amount to record, quantity of cameras, frame rates used, and many other factors.

    Cameras Supported
    This is a partial list of cameras that have been tested with Netcam Watcher Professional:
    ? Axis Network Cameras (eg 2100) and Servers (eg 2400)
    ? Intellinet Network IP Cameras
    ? VivoTek Network Cameras & Servers, MJPEG & MPEG4 Models
    ? Panasonic WV-NP472, WJ-NT104, WV-NS324 and KX-HCM Models
    ? Toshiba IK network cameras.
    ? D-Link Mjpeg & MPEG4 Camera Models
    ? Mobotix
    ? Canon
    ? Sony
    ? JVC
    ? Pixord
    ? Stardot
    ? Sony
    ? Toshiba
    ? VEO
    ? Linudix
    ? Webcam32 streaming format cameras.
    ? Any Netscape-style Motion JPEG streaming camera.
    ? Any network snapshot camera that uses JPEG images. This includes most Webcams on the Internet.

    All Trademarks identified above are the property of their respective owners.

    Netcam Watcher Professional has the ability to define new camera types, so some cameras can be supported simply by defining the correct URLs.

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