New Camera Uses Wi-Fi To Stream Video
Network camera maker IQinVision has unveiled a new wireless video camera that comes with Wi-Fi , or 802.11b, capability built in.

For the Home? There likely will be an expanded market for this type of camera at some point, analysts say. "802.11 is making its way into homes," Yankee Group analyst Sarah Kim told Wireless NewsFactor. "It makes sense for 802.11 hardware to be released now." Kim said that many PCs and notebooks coming to market now come with Wi-Fi built in. Home networks are not just about computers talking with each other, she pointed out -- they are about computers talking with components and appliances"...

The camera uses the WLAN (wireless local area network) standard to send its video feed to the Internet for access through a browser window or via e-mail. IQinVision said its IQeye3-W camera also can be instructed remotely to perform such tasks as digital pan, tilt or zoom. With the high resolution of 1.3 megapixels, the image does not lose much integrity when an end user zooms in digitally, the company said. IQinVision expects to market the 2,695 US Dollars device primarily to commercial concerns, such as security businesses.

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