New Harmony X10 Two Wire Dimmer Module

"The new Harmony Two Wire Dimmer Module is an X10 device that requires no neutral and works with momentary switches. It is suitable for dimming incandescent lamps and dimmable electronic low voltage transformers down to 60W. Measuring 4.6cm x 4.6cm x 1.6cm, it is small enough to fit behind a light switch, has soft-start remembers its last dim setting. This module is ideal for use in properties where rewiring is impractical and LD11s are unsuitable."

The first batch of these modules is expected to sell out fast - orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. Prices start from £39.99 ex. VAT. As a special incentive, we will give readers of Automated Home 15% off for a limited time only - please call Simply Automate on 0845 644 3330 to order now quoting "Automated Home" as the discount code...

The new Harmony Two-Wire Dimming Micro Module (HDM1) is an excellent new product from Simply Automate. Measuring 4.6cm x 4.6cm x 1.6cm, it is small enough to fit behind a light switch and gives you the following benefits:

  • Two wire - no neutral required
  • Dimmer for controlling incandescent lamps and dimmable electronic low voltage Transformers down to 60W
  • Activated using a momentary action switch or using X10 PLC signals - use designer wall switches to make your own high-specification LW10!
  • Can be operated using the following X10 signals: "Address On", "Address Off” , “Address Bright”, “Address Dim” and "All Lights On/All Lights Off/All Units Off"
  • Soft-start and dim and bright
  • Remembers it's last dim setting
  • House and Unit code programmable via RF remote (recommended)
The new HDM1 comes in at a fraction of the price of the old LWM2, which retailed at over £120, and features a two-wire connection - whereas ALL previous Micro Modules have required a neutral connection. We are very excited about this module - for the first time, X10 mood lighting with soft-start can be achieved cost-effectively without the need to re-wire a property."

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