New Organization Application for Safety and Emergency Preparedness Scenarios

SFW ( emerging leader in developing and delivering critical facilities infrastructure management tools and services, today launched SFW Controller, a Web-based security, safety and emergency preparedness tool designed to track and manage a facility's security assets through a user friendly interface. The new tool serves as a one-stop resource for up-to-date information on a facility's critical security assets, providing immediate management of and access to vital enterprise assets.

In creating SFW Controller, company executives drew upon their significant experience in developing and implementing large-scale security programs for several governmental security and safety agencies. As such, individuals who have successfully dealt with "real-world" security challenges have designed this tool as a direct response to their experiences, building a system that answers the issues facility managers face each and every day.

SFW Controller allows the user to visually track security, safety and emergency assets, such as gas zones and their respective shutoff locations, assembly points and evacuation routes. The system tracks assets through a facility's maps and floor plans, so users are equipped with graphical representations of their critical security properties as well as related information such as pictures, protocol and procedures, and video files. SFW Controller works in conjunction with Accendo, the company's Web-based graphical mapping platform, as well as with any combination of SFW modules.

SFW Controller assists organizations in working with emergency providers to better respond to crisis situations, so response teams can make immediate and reliable decisions. By allowing users to measure direct distances and areas, the module can help law enforcement determine by proximity the right areas to evacuate in a security breach, or help a fire department decide the length of hose needed when entering a high-rise building. SFW Controller can be integrated with existing security and safety systems in a facility, such as closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), unifying an organization's safety information into one easy-to-use interface. The integration with a CCTV system allows a user to access a map or a floor plan with all the covered zones, automatically locate the best camera, and directly view the live camera feed from the system.

"Too often, facility managers do not have the right tools to monitor security assets adequately, leaving their entire organization at risk when unforeseen safety and emergency situations arise," said Motti Danino, COO of SFW. "Organizations are realizing they must view their security infrastructure not as an unnecessary expenditure, but as a competitive advantage that provides much-needed peace of mind to business partners, employees, investors and customers."

When combined with SFW's facilities management and incident reporting modules, SFW Accendo can increase infrastructure efficiency and play a significant role in loss prevention and business continuity plans. SFW Controller becomes one component in an affordable, scalable system that equips organizations with full control over their facility's critical assets. SFW's customers are already taking advantage of this valuable functionality and realizing positive results.

"Operating in a very competitive market, security companies like ours constantly look for advanced solutions that give a competitive edge," says Alex Udler, CEO of Global Security Concepts, a company that uses SFW in its security installations in commercial real estate. "SFW's Controller and Incident modules are efficient tools that separate us from the competition. Critical security, safety, emergency preparedness and loss prevention information is easily available for our security officers, who can constantly provide faster and more reliable service."

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