New Personal Security Technology Capable of Saving Lives in Emergency Situations; Wearable Alarm Increases Neighborhood Security Without Monthly Monitoring Expense
SafeHome Corporation announced today the launch of its NeighborLink(TM) personal security technology product. Designed to summon help at the push of a button, the NeighborLink technology immediately contacts a pre-designated and trusted list of neighbors and friends in an emergency situation.

The system uses standard radio frequency remote control technology to transmit an alert via a button on a keychain to a neighbor's home, where an audible alarm and a light is activated on a small receiver. NeighborLink works independently of monitored whole-house security systems, and the signal range is up to three times that of medical alert devices. NeighborLink(TM)One is the basic starter package for one neighbor; NeighborLink(TM)Four has the capacity to monitor up to four people.

"In most communities you wait ten minutes or more for emergency response to arrive after making a call to 911 - if you're even able to get to the phone," said Richard Blackwell, CEO and founder of SafeHome. "SafeHome Corporation's new NeighborLink personal security technology helps bridge that gap, and contributes enormous peace of mind to active users that might not need 911 at all, just a helping hand from a neighbor."

Studies conducted by the American Heart Association indicate that after a person suffers a heart attack, every passing unaided minute decreases chances of survival by 10%. NeighborLink can help an individual living alone to summon help quickly even if he or she can't get to the telephone. The Golden Hour is a term developed years ago in a hospital ER that refers to the critical first hour after an emergency. Neighbors can call 911 and provide aid in the interim to help make the most of every minute in the Golden Hour.

NeighborLink is designed not only for medical emergencies, but for any time an individual needs assistance. "I call it 'the Mayberry effect,'" Blackwell said. "The NeighborLink system enhances the spirit of community, or neighboring, that is evident in so many neighborhoods today, by fashioning a network of concerned neighbors, or immediate responders, who can be there at a moment's notice when someone needs help." Blackwell expects that active seniors and their adult children will be the first purchasers of the new system, but that it will also appeal to singles and working parents of so-called "latchkey kids" who are home alone after school.

Advantages of NeighborLink Personal Security Technology:

-- Ease of use. It only takes a click of one button to alarm a friend or neighbor.

-- No monthly fees. SafeHome's devices require no monthly monitoring fee. For the 80% of Americans who have no home security system installed, NeighborLink provides an affordable alternative that can often provide help faster than more expensive systems.

-- Customizable and portable. Unlike permanently installed security systems, NeighborLink is portable and easily customizable. For example, people who spend their winters in Florida and summers in another location can simply equip their neighbors with NeighborLink receivers that can be activated in each place by the same keychain alarm button.

-- Peace of mind. NeighborLink provides peace of mind through easy, inexpensive technology that lets families and friends communicate with one another in emergency situations.

Price and Ordering

Starting at $99, the NeighborLink solution is available online at

About SafeHome Corporation and its Founder

Atlanta-based SafeHome Corporation provides peace of mind through NeighborLink personal security technology solutions for seniors, families, singles and neighbors. The company's mission is to strengthen neighborhoods by building support systems that are backed by easy-to-use technology, and to help bridge the gap in an emergency before paramedics or other first responders arrive.

Serial entrepreneur and technology innovator Richard Blackwell founded SafeHome Corporation in 2003. Blackwell has founded two other companies that address security concerns: EnerSci Inc., a home automation and security firm, and International Video Surveillance, which applies video conferencing technology to security and surveillance. He has served as Chief Technology Officer and as a member of the board of directors for IVCi, a nationwide video integration firm, and Global Scheduling Solutions (GSS), an organization within IVCi which creates resource scheduling solutions for group conferencing environments. While Blackwell was leading the technology effort at Global Scheduling Solutions and IVCi, his insight quickly moved the GSS product into the de facto market-leader and trendsetter position in web-based resource management. IVCi was named to the Inc. 500 list for three consecutive years.

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