New from X-10 the Night Watch Low-Light Wireless Camera!
It's finally here - the camera that our customers have been asking for! Now it's easier than ever to see in low-light conditions, such as porch light or nightlight. Crystal clear black-and-white images come from dimly lit or daylight-lit areas with ease. Ideal for monitoring sleeping babies or seeing visitors on your porch.

Perfect for monitoring during the night and day
Wireless for quick setup
Great addition to existing XCam2 wireless systems
Works indoors and out

When the Light is Dim, You Can Still See!

The Wireless NightWatch Camera is an extremely powerful black-and-white low-light camera with built-in 2.4GHz transmitter and microphone. Witness LIVE video and audio transmitted directly to your TV, VCR, or any other home electronic appliance with standard RCA inputs! But the true beauty is the size-it is very small and discreet. The camera can easily be hung in a planter or placed in a tree and adjusted to monitor your back yard, front yard, side of house, etc. Simply turn on your TV and watch what's going on in nearly any low-light or daylight situation.

Compatible with Other X10 Wireless Camera Systems

Already own an X10 wireless camera system? The NightWatch wireless camera is fully compatible with existing X10 wireless camera systems, such as XCam2 and Vanguard. Integrates easily to deliver multiple camera control. Now you have another dimension to upgrade your surveillance system for dim lighting conditions. Compatible With:

XCam2 Wireless Cameras
Vanguard Professional Cameras
X10 Wireless Video receivers
ScanPad remote control
Pan & Tilt Robotic camera base and remote control
VCR Commander
and many other X10 camera accessories

Wireless NightWatch System Features

NightWatch Wireless Camera
You'll love what this camera will reveal. Specially designed optical sensor works hard to deliver brilliant pictures in dim lighting situations or normal daylight, too! Small shadow-blackT housing hides easily in the darkest places. Built-in 2.4GHz transmitter penetrates walls, floors and ceilings to broadcast pictures to the receiver attached to any television or VCR up to 100-feet away.

2.4GHz Video Receiver
See everything that the Wireless NightWatch looking at from any TV. With a receiving range of 100-feet, you'll be able to quickly see what's happening.! Works with any television or VCR with a composite video-input. AC adaptor included.

Ultra-Sensitive Microphone
Overload your senses both visually and audibly. The NightWatch includes a built-in weather resistant microphone, allowing you to hear everything that the camera can see. Mounted outdoors, you'll hear the conversations of visitors and the sounds of suspects. Mount it indoors, and hear visitors on conversation, late-night knocks and rattles and other informative sounds. It's fabulous how much more impact a surveillance camera delivers when it includes audio. Requires optional audio/video receiver to hear audio. MORE INFO.

ScanPower Module
Built into each Wireless NightWatch camera is the revolutionary ScanPower module. Now you can easily switch between cameras remotely. When one camera is selected and turned ON, all other cameras are turned off.

DaVinci Tripod
Position your camera for the perfect shot. Adjustable and compact DaVinci tripod gives your the ultimate flexibility. Universal mounting set screw included.

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