NightWatch Features
Designed for Day and Night Use!
You'll love what this versatile black and white spy cam will reveal. A specially designed optical sensor works hard to deliver brilliant pictures in dim lighting situations or normal daylight, too! The small shadow-black? housing hides easily in the darkest places. Built-in 2.4GHz transmitter transmits audio and video signals through walls, floors, ceilings and even concrete to broadcast pictures to the receiver, which can be attached to any television or VCR (with standard RCA ports) up to 100 feet away.
Ultra-Sensitive Microphone
Overload your senses both visually and audibly. The NightWatch Security Camera includes a built-in weather-resistant microphone, allowing you to hear everything that the spy cam can see. Mounted outdoors, you'll hear the conversations of visitors and the sounds of suspects. Mount it indoors, and hear visitors' conversations, late-night knocks and rattles and other informative sounds. It's fabulous how much more impact a spy cam delivers when it includes audio
The XCam2 NightWatch Security Camera is wireless! Since wires aren't needed to transfer images from the spy cam to the receiver, you can place the spy cam virtually anywhere and be able to see clear color pictures of your home and property. However, the security camera still needs a power source. The XCam2 NightWatch Security Camera Kit comes with a standard AC power supply. Battery packs are also available for purchase should you want to mount your camera where there is no electrical outlet close by
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