OSGi? Alliance Announces Results of 'Best Application of OSGi Technology' Competition

Opensugar takes prize for Innovative Networked Video Alarm service

Opensugar takes prize for Innovative Networked Video Alarm service

San Ramon, Calif. C 22 October 2002 - The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) has presented Opensugar the award for Best Application of the OSGi technology in a real-world application. The award was presented by Dr. John Barr, President of the OSGi alliance, at a ceremony held during the OSGI World Congress in Stockholm, Sweden.

Opensugar, a French supplier of enabling software for remote delivery and execution of interactive services on smart devices, was presented the award for its Video Alarm Service which allows users to observe live images from remote cameras and to be notified by SMS, MMS, or e-mail when motion is detected. In addition to this remote alarm capability, video can be recorded locally and alerts can be forwarded to security service providers.

Pierre Scokaert, CTO of Opensugar, said, "We're honored to receive this award and it's a great vote of confidence from the OSGi alliance in the work we've been doing using the Service Platform Specifications. We've been able to create a genuinely novel application using the capabilities of the platform and it saved us a huge amount of time and effort compared to more traditional approaches." Scokaert went on to indicate that the OSGi Service Platform that Opensugar has developed is to be submitted for formal OSGi Compliance Testing and then released in an Open Source form.

Dr. Barr said, "We used stringent selection criteria in selecting the Opensugar application and we're particularly pleased to hear that they are intending to produce an Open Source version of their OSGi Service Platform implementation. The fact that Opensugar isn't currently a member of the OSGi alliance emphasizes the open nature of the specifications."

Additional information about the Opensugar application, including a demonstration, is available at http://www.opensugar.com/. Opensugar is looking for commercialization partners to take the product into new territories.

About Opensugar
Founded in 2000, headquartered in Meylan, France, Opensugar is a spin-off of France Telecom.
Opensugar provides global enabling infrastructure software, for the managed delivery and execution of pervasive services on smart devices. Its 3-tier solution is composed of a J2EE-based modular management platform with customizable, pre-built components (access and connectivity, service deployment, device management, user profiling, mediation, billing, business rules, multi-channel user-interface) and a Java-based framework with generic and specific business bundles. Opensugar solutions enable service providers to reduce development times for new e-services, and gives them new opportunities for increasing the revenue stream per user. Top-tier independent software vendors and leading corporations use Opensugar products and services for front-office and back-office applications.

The OSGi Service Platform
The modular OSGi Service Platform supports network delivered services to a remote device that can then be run locally or in conjunction with other network resources. The specification is explicitly designed to be open and synergistic with a wide range of existing networking and computer technologies and enhances virtually all current networking standards and initiatives. The OSGi compliance program establishes a common specification third parties can use to create value-added services that can be delivered over a variety of networking systems using platforms incorporating compliant OSGi service platforms. Eleven member companies are already certified and offer OSGi-compliant solutions.

About the OSGi alliance
The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) alliance, established in 1999, is an independent, non-profit corporation. The alliance provides the only vendor-neutral, multiple-sourced specification in the industry to deliver and manage an application or service through a network that runs locally on a remote device. The alliance also works to proliferate these open specifications through the sponsorship of technology, market, and user education programs. The OSGi alliance is a global, cross-industry consortium.

Membership is open to any interested party, including Internet Service Providers, Network Operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors, end users, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The consortium's Web site address is www.osgi.org.

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For further information contact:

Dr. Dave Marples
Executive Director, OSGi Alliance
Tel: +44 1623 428 689

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