OneTouch External 300GB Hard Drive (USB, 5400 RPM, 2MB) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Maxtor
Model: B01D300
Interface: USB
Access Time: 10
Rotational Speed: 5400
Average User RatingAverage User RatingAverage User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 8

Reviewed by: liammapson from TX on Dec 1, 2004


Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: Failure with no recovery.

Summary: I've had 3 of these pieces of junk and 3 sudden failures around the one year mark. These things will lull you into a fall sense of confidence and all of a sudden they will fail within hours with no advance sign of trouble. I lost my last backup today and felt the need to write a review to warn others. Just buy an extra internal hard drive or go with a different brand.

Reviewed by: tommyknocker from IA on Jan 10, 2005

Experience: 1 Years

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: 12 month warranty

Summary: Bought what I thought was best.... at month 16 drive dies... tech support laughed at this... if you value your data burn it to a CD or DVD... I trusted Maxtor and lost all of my data... NO support from Maxtor NONE... now I have a nice doorstop...

Reviewed by: screw_maxtor from GA on Jan 7, 2005

Experience: 1 Years

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: I completely agree with the last reviewer. I bought my Maxtor last year. Its worked wonderfully RIGHT TO THE POINT IT DIED! Don't buy these dogs - they do lull you into a false sense of dependability - then WHAM! 250GB down the tubes...

Reviewed by: jlestein from OR on Oct 13, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: Drive Failure

Summary: I had a dying internal Hard Drive. I purchased the maxtor external drive to backup everything before the internal drive failed. I managed to backup about 3/4 of my stuff to the Maxtor drive before the internal drive failed.

2 Days later the Maxtor External Drive failed!

Maxtor said This is common in new drives and I should not rely on their drives for backup and should always backup to CD or DVD".

I have now lost everything and Maxtor said unless I use a Maxtor certified Data Recovery Center (Big $$$) I will void the warranty on the drive nad not be able to get a replacment.

I am Very Unhappy With this Product and Maxtor's REsponse the the situation...

Reviewed by: larrich on Jul 8, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Ease of use, included software, peace of mind

Weaknesses: Setup required a bit of computing knowledge, quick setup sheet is good but need to refer to user's guide also

Summary: I should have purchased the Maxtor 300GB a long time ago. When my computer's internal hard drive started making strange noises, I immediately decided to go all the way and get the Maxtor 300GB. Setup was relatively simple. The other reviewers mentioned the lack of partitioning software and the need for 3rd party software, but Windows XP has its own partitioning capability. I was able to convert the Maxtor from FAT32 to NTFS and partition from within Windows. The excellent user's guide walks you through it. No 3rd party software was needed. I set up the Retrospect backup software, even though I didn't plan to use it. I then proceeded to backup my entire hard drive. Well, as it turned out, the backup software I had was not working properly. I needed to use the Retrospect program to do the complete backup, not thinking I would be able to, and it worked like a breeze. Even though I purchased a 3rd party backup program, Retrospect was much easier to use. I did use the USB 2.0 connection, so it was fast. Now I feel secure knowing I have a complete system backup, and the one-touch feature will make it easy to schedule regular backups in the future. It looks great and takes up little room sitting on its stand. I definitely made a wise purchase and would recommend the Maxtor 300GB to anyone.

Reviewed by: Lori_AZ from AZ on May 25, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Massive hard drive space!

Weaknesses: A little slower than some...5400 rpm vs. 7200 rpm

Summary: While the hard drive at 5400 rpm, it still works pretty fast with the firewire connections. The options of firewire, USB 1 and 2 are excellent. Also, I was able to plug my digital camera as an input into the hard drive instead of having to go through my laptop. Movie files are extremely memory intensive, so this elimated my problem with my C:/ drive temp file filling up.

Reviewed by: mlmckenzie from NY on Jun 17, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Large harddrive space, Easy software, Allows multiple scripts for backing up

Weaknesses: Super slow for USB1, Need third party software to partition

Summary: (Edited June 24th by mlmckenzie) The massive storage capacity of this external drive made it a "must have". There is plenty of room to back up multiple harddrives and computers. The instructions for setting up were relativey straight forward. I was a bit disappointed that it came already formated rather than using the typical Maxtor harddrive software that allows you to partition the drive as you need -- Maxtor suggests a partition per PC/Laptop and recommends third party software to partition the drive (which I didn't have). I needed to reformat the drive over anyways for NTFS, so it would have been nice to have just been able to partition and format as I wanted to begin with. The format went fine and I set up the Retrospect backup with little problem. When I tried to use it, I kept receiving write errors to the drive. It ended up that it wouldn't work through a USB hub. Once I gave the drive it's own dedictated USB port, it began working fine. On the OneTouch button, you can only backup one path. I had wanted the OneTouch to do 2 out of 4 drive partitions, but this wasn't possible. The overall backup of the system in compressed mode (including all the drives) seems to work quite well, although I happily haven't needed to restore from it yet. It has a nice scheduled backup feature to keep your backup set up-to-date and allows creation of recovery disks for the main system. USB1 is painfully slow. It took over 9 hours to backup and verify a 14GB harddrive. Once the initial backup is done, the backup goes much quicker because only changed files are transferred to the drive. Overall, the drive seems to be a good investment. I figure a slow backup is better than no backup at all. As I get new computer equipment with USB2, the performance will improve and it should still have ample capacity to backup what's needed. It's much easier to press a button and walk away than to fuss around making multiple CD or DVD backups of the information (given that you don't need the permanence of the CD or DVD).

Reviewed by: dtpooley from VA on Mar 19, 2004

Experience: 8 Days

Strengths: Very easy to setup and use.

Weaknesses: None found

Summary: This is by far the best hard drive solution I have seen for backing up data files or your entire system. It is very easy to operate, and really takes the guess work out of backing up.

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