Online False Alarm Course Nears Debut Date
Dec 06, 2004, VIENNA, Va. -- An online course designed to educate end users on false alarm prevention will be online within weeks according to the executive vice president of the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). Steve Doyle says the first-of-its-kind course is being offered to law enforcement as a way to help them deal with the false alarm problem. It will offer an alternative to chronic false alarm abusers similar to the traffic school offered to traffic offenders without the logistics of running a traffic school.

?It?s a classic example of something law enforcement doesn?t want to do. They don?t want to drag people in on the weekends like drivers? ed,? Doyle says. ?What they do want to do is solve the problem. It becomes easy for a department to go in and say ?We want you to take this course.??

CSAA announced last January its plans to provide the course which is expected to be online by the start of 2005. Once a person passes the online course, they will be able to print out a certificate of completion.

The CSAA already offers online training for central station operators. For more information, access the CSAA?s Web site at

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