Optex Outdoor Motion Detector

Add Outdoor Security to your wireless alarm system. The VX-402R solves these problems by allowing easily install outdoor detection by using your new or existing wireless technology. The VX-402R is compatible with most manufacturers?wireless technology and comes with a weatherized back box for easy installation. VX-402R comes with 100lb. Pet Immunity, provides a 40ft. by 40ft. detection pattern and is completely weatherized for direct exposure to the elements.

Manufacturers wireless Transmitter required. Transmitter Compatibility List: (Visonic: MCT302) (DSC: WLS925L-433) (Ademco: 5816 or 5816MN) (ITI 60-362-10-319.5) (Caddx NX-650) (Linear DXS-31)

Power Input: 9V DC alkaline or lithium battery (Not included) Battery Saving Timer: Approx. 120 sec. or 5 sec.

Item Code: VX-402R

Price: $145.00

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