Outdoor Weatherproof Color Camera

With a clever new removable magnetic external zoom and focus key, this color outdoor zoom CCTV video security camera is one of the easiest to install and set up we have ever offered. The wide range zoom varifocal 5-50MM lens and 350 line, 0.6 lux color camera combine to deliver a new level of performance, reliability, convenience and flexibility. DC driven auto-iris lens and built-in backlight compensation ensure fantastic video performance in almost all lighting conditions. Camera measures 6.5” tall on stand and is 3.25” in diameter and 5.125” deep (including integral sunshield/rainhood). Runs on 12 volts DC and draws 130 milliamps.

Comes with mounting bracket, magnetic adjustment key, heavy duty cable with BNC connector, 1 year manufacturers warranty and 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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