Outpost Firewall Pro Wins the Firewall Group Test in the French PC Expert Magazine

Outpost Firewall Pro has blocked 18 attacks of 21 and presented only a slight security vulnerability.

Saint-Petersburg, May 8, 2005 -- The results of Outpost performing in the extensive firewall test were published in the France's PC Expert May 2005 issue. Outpost Firewall has blocked more leak tests than any other product in test and won the first place with the Editor¡äs Choice award. The magazine considers Outpost¡äs defense arsenal as the most powerful in comparison to the other firewalls in test, including the Windows Firewall.

Outpost Firewall Pro won the special recognition from the magazine in the following nominations:

- Best Firewall overall.
- Best protection against hackers.
- Maximum blocking of leaks.
- Highest efficiency and ease of use.

The test results also stress the usability of Outpost¡äs pre-defined rule settings, that start protect right after the software is installed. That means that the novice users do not need to go through the sophisticated process of the settings configuration, and can start using Outpost out-of-box. However, experienced users can configure the program according to their needs and set particular rules for the applications on their computer. Another feature of Outpost that makes it different from its¡ä competitors is an outstanding Log Viewer that gives a unique possibility to track all the connections performed from the system

The conclusion of the magazine is as follows:
"... a well deserved first place because it excells in the protection against hacker attacks ... It's the best armed firewall to block furtive outgoing connections."
PC Expert, May 2005

About Outpost Firewall Pro:
Outpost Firewall Pro (http://www.agnitum.com/products/outpost) provides a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration by denying unauthorized access to remote hackers and protecting against data theft, denial-of-service attacks, privacy violation, Trojan horses, spyware and other malicious code. Outpost Firewall Pro is one of the most reliable firewalls for Windows, a fact that is proven by many independent reviews and millions of users around the world.

About Agnitum Ltd.:
Agnitum Ltd. (www.agnitum.com) is a software development company committed to delivering and supporting high quality security software products. Agnitum offers two headline products - Outpost Firewall PRO, securing personal and family desktops, and Outpost Office Firewall, ensuring a reliable endpoint protection and performance of the corporate network. Agnitum delivers computer security solutions to large enterprises, small and medium businesses, as well as home PC users.

For PR contacts you can reach Agnitum at e-mail protected from spam bots

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