PDA Camera More Than A Toy
For some reason, people like to take pictures they can view on a personal digital assistant (PDA).

  Targus Handcam: Useful after all?

In fact, people like it so much that PDA maker Handspring (nasdaq: HAND - news - people) has started selling its own branded version of the Eyemodule2 digital camera insert for the Visor line of handhelds.

Beyond adding pictures to address book entries and contact files, the idea of taking pictures for use on a Palm OS-based PDA seems little more than a novelty. But there appears to be a sufficiently active market for these camera add-on modules to bring a new entry to the space.

Targus specializes in selling carrying cases and security accessories for laptop PCs, but has more recently taken to selling PDA accessories. It has launched its own camera add-on for the Handspring Visor; the device is called the HandCam, and like the Eyemodule, it fits into the Springboard expansion port on the back of the Visor.

It can capture pictures at a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. But unlike Eyemodule, the lens swivels, allowing for image capture at many angles.

The HandCam also comes with an attachment allowing it to connect to a PC through the universal serial bus (USB) connection port, so it can switch back and forth between PDA and laptop. This feature makes it useful as a Web cam while on the road or for snapping quick pictures on the fly. Other features include the ability to beam an image from one Visor to another, or to a PC using infrared ports.

It will start shipping by the end of November to retailers like CompUSA and Best Buy, and online retailers like Palmgear.com for about $100

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