PSC-90 Deluxe Black Leather Case for Canon PowerShot SD200 & SD300 Digital Cameras - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Canon
Model: 0183B001
: Number of User Reviews: 18

Reviewed by: roccog from NY on Jan 20, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Masculine Design / Magnetic Snap Latch / Small Size

Weaknesses: No Extra Storage / Wrist Strap [when used] slips through a hole in the case¡¯s cover

Summary: This camera case is smaller than most cameras I've seen. I like the construction and overall design with only two reserves. The first being no convenient storage for either an extra SD card or lens cloth. I say no convenient storage because there is an elastic sleeve on the inside of the case but due to its extremely small size I have a tough time trying to get my big fingers inside to get anything out. My second observation is the wrist strap being mounted in the middle of the cameras body is forced to slide through the case cover causing you to remove your wrist in order to take the case off the strap. This is a minor issue since you can just as easily close the lid with the wrist strap merely laying flat on the camera and exiting the case from the side.
Overall I must say that it seems to be a very high quality carry case that will protect your camera from small falls, scratches, dings and dents. I recommend it without hesitation.

Reviewed by: bobberboy from KS on May 11, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Sturdy nice leather, Fits my SD400 camera perfectly, very fine clasp, the material on the inside of the case is very nice, comes with an extra strap in case you don't like the one you already have.

Weaknesses: none.

Summary: (Edited May 11th by bobberboy) I can't believe someone would give the case a bad review - it's great. Case comes with an extra strap for your camera - (it was not meant to be a strap for the case itself - for those who are worried about the strap falling through the hole of the case latch). You will not be disappointed with this case. As far as a place to store extra cards - just buy a 512 or 1G secure digital card and you'll never need to worry about needing a place to store another card cause you won't need one.

Reviewed by: bunnam from CA on Feb 16, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Great Fit. Soft, yet durable fine leather. Aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Weaknesses: For the price there are no weakness but I would like to point out that there are no extra pockets for backup battery or memory card.

Summary: The PSC-90 is beautifully designed and great to look at. It's price is comparable to other cases, therefore making this a superior case because of the craftmanship and the custom fit. Although there are no extra external pockets for an extra battery or memory card, the case fits the camera almost flawlessly. If you charge your battery before you leave and you have a decent size memory card then this extra space is not needed.

Reviewed by: readytorun from NY on Feb 10, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: This case supplies a perfect, snug fit for the SD300. The red color will enable everyone to spot the case and not confuse it with all the black cases. Good quality leather.

Weaknesses: There is no space for any extra SD card or battery. The strap doesnot have the little plastic piece for opening the top compartment.

Summary: I believe that the manufacturer generally designs the best accessories for its' products. The case will definitely protect the camera, which is the intended purpose. An outside compartment for a battery or card would have made it perfect.

Reviewed by: pfz101 from CA on Jan 20, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: perfect fit, has magnetic latch

Weaknesses: none

Summary: This case perfectly fits my PowerShot SD300 and it looks great! It even comes with an optional leather strap you can use instead of the one that came with the camera. I highly recommend this product. (Though, it would be even better if the case had a compartment for an extra battery pack.)

Reviewed by: nyc2fwb from FL on Jan 13, 2005

Experience: 4 Days

Strengths: My Canon PowerShot SD200 fits in this case perfectly. The case is made of beautiful and soft leather and the belt loop on the back will be very useful. Delivery was quick and convenient.

Weaknesses: There are no weaknesses to this product. I am 100% satisfied.

Summary: The silver Canon logo on the front of the case looks great. I feel that I found an excellent price for this product through I will definitely use PriceGrabber again. My shopping experience was a very pleasant one.

Reviewed by: DPHILL7976 from OR on Nov 20, 2004

Experience: 20 Days


Weaknesses: NONE THAT i CAN SEE.


Reviewed by: oowheeeoo from CA on Jan 18, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: fits my canon sd200 camera perfectly. nice little magnet clasp, definitely a good deal!

Weaknesses: the canon logo is scratched a little bit. other than that it's fine.

Summary: i've been searching for a case that would fit my camera, but i finally decided to settle for the 'official' canon one. it fits great.

Reviewed by: old_cotton from NY on Apr 15, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: None!

Weaknesses: It doesn't fit my SD300 very well. The leather quality isn't good too.

Summary: I was expecting to get a great case for my SD300. I am so disappointed. Its leather is too hard, I even worry it'll hurt my camera. Also, it doesn't fit the camera very well, despite stating "Exclusively Made for the powershot SD300". It's not worth the money!

Reviewed by: corangey from OH on May 6, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Snug fit for my SD300, sleek case for a sleek camera.

Weaknesses: I prefer my original wrist strap to the leather one provided, because of the plastic piece that can be used to open compartments and adjust wrist size.

Summary: I like the strong magnetic clasp and my camera seems safe in the stiff leather case. SD memory cards fit easily into the elastic pouch inside, and a battery pack can fit inside as well. It is a little difficult to store an extra battery pack inside the case, but that's the consequence of having a tight fitting case for a small camera. I don't really understand the utility of the extra leather loop on the exterior of the case, but I'm quite happy with my purchase!

Reviewed by: J4mes on Apr 25, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Good Craftsmanship, Real leather, High quality snap.

Weaknesses: Unless you want A case to carry other accessories, then there are None, as long as my LCD never breaks.

Summary: If You have A Cannon SD you need A good quality case. not some soft case that will not protect your nice 2" LCD. This seem like A good choice.

Reviewed by: vinhtang1 from CA on Apr 16, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: The case is sturdy and will protect the camera very well.

Weaknesses: I dont like the magnetic closure.

Summary: I don't like the metal magnetic clip that closes the case. The velcro closure for the S400 case was better. I just feel like if i pull out the camera quickly without thinking, I will scratch the camera against the metal part. However, I still feel that the case is slim and sturdy so it is an overall good case.

Reviewed by: janeucla from CA on Mar 7, 2005

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: it's very small, fits the camera perfect, durable, protects the camera, and very convenient

Weaknesses: none

Summary: I am very pleased with my product and glad i got it. I think it will last me a long time. It fits the camera perfect and protects the large lcd screen, which is very important.

Reviewed by: kaulpwc from MA on Feb 15, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: attractive case, convenient belt loop

Weaknesses: no space for additional sd cards

Summary: This case is very attractive. My sd300 fits snug in the pouch. Probably the most useful feature of this case is the belt loop which allows me to walk around with the camera with out having to stuff it in my pocket.

Reviewed by: jung9183 from IL on Feb 12, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: It is really good size. and good quality of leather.

Weaknesses: nothing...

Summary: I just purchased this one 5 days ago.
It is really tiny and qute. It is perfectly fit my canon sd 200 camera.
If somebody are looking for sd 200 or 300 camera case I strongly recomende this camera bag.

Reviewed by: se12e17ity from NY on Feb 10, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Small, perfect fit for the SD200; Magnetic button instead of velcro so no inappropriate noise disturbances.

Weaknesses: Leather is not so soft, but I guess it's good protection for the camera.

Summary: It's an excellent case. Aesthetically pleasing. Small and compact. When I first looked at it, I thought it would be too big for my camera, but when I put the camera in, it was snug fit. I would definitely recommend this case for the SD200.

Reviewed by: icoamy21 from IL on Feb 8, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Good protective fit.

Weaknesses: kinda bulky though. It would have been much better if it come with soft case.

Summary: The camera case is smaller than my previous case I had for S410. I like the design of how it was fit. I don't mind not having storage to put my SD memory card or battery. I hardly ever carry them anyway. I didn't really like the wrist strap around the case because I have to slide it in and out with the strap everytime I want to take it out to use it. It's kinda inconvenient.

Reviewed by: dung2x from IN on Feb 5, 2005

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Sturdy, elegant, fit perfectly

Weaknesses: Strap design could be better, SD card slot is too small

Summary: When I bought my Canon SD200, I didn't think owning the case would be necessary because it's so expensive (about $20 something). However, after using the camera for 3 mo or so, I realized I made some scratches on the LCD screen, which I regret sooooo muchhhhh... I think SD200 has a more fragile LCD screen, softer than my friends' Canon cameras. So finally I decided to get a case to prevent further scratches (ohh... just thinking about it made me hurts!!). After a few hours of research, I decided to that this is the best case for my SD200 camera because (1) it is elegant with the silver Canon logo in front (2) its price is similar to other "qualified" camera cases. Qualified in my opinion would be: hard case and perfect fit.

I bought it online, so after I received the product, these are what I can say about it:
- Outside is made of leather, but inside is also covered with some kind of fabric material.
- It is also very sturdy and well-constructed. It looks like a soft-case but it is hard indeed. I don't think I can bent it with hand alone. And I've brought my camera everywhere without afraid anything may go through the case and scratch the screen.
- It has magnetic flip which is quite handy.
- There is a small compartment inside the case, but it's not a stretchy type, so very small space to put the SD card. But again. I don't think I want to put an SD case because it is inside the case and just might scratch the screen. So don't really see the usefulness in there.
-The strap looks quite nice, but I can still see a bit of the glue and edges near the canon logo. And also, it is a bit troublesome to get the camera out without pulling the strap back in. I tried to put the strap to the side of the case instead of through the hole they provided, but if I do that, the flip won't close becoz there's not enough space.
-My camera fits perfectly, but you can feel about 2 mm space if you press halfway down of the case. Don't worry though, the camera can't wiggle or anything.

Overall, I am one satisfied customer, other than the fact that it's expensive. But I highly recommend it for those of you who want to keep your camera in a good shape and use it a lot. This case will protect your camera from scratches!

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