PST is Pleased to Announce the UAV-Miniature Surveillance Aircraft and the Aeriel Unmanned Surveillance Paradrone

The UAV and Unmanned Paradrone are to be used as part of an aerial surveillance system of oil refineries and pipelines.

February 18, 2005 -- Pipelines often traverse difficult terrain and security issues may occur in hard to reach areas. By simply equipping security teams with PST's UAV-miniature surveillance aircraft the "eye in the sky" can scout alarms from above. PST's UAV does not require an extensive flat surface for launch and can therefore be deployed from almost any location. The UAV is equipped with day and night imaging and has a ready to fly weight of a mere 25 kg. This unmanned vehicle has mission capabilities typically found only in larger systems. The aircraft can fly for 6 hours without refueling.     Because of it's size (easily deployable), we believe PST's UAV should be the standard.     The aircraft's flight path is specified as a series of mission legs, each with its own altitude, speed and waypoint.

A total airborne surveillance system should also include the use of the Aerial Unmanned Surveillance Paradrone, which offers precision control, high endurance, a payload capacity of 220 kg, 240 liters of fuel and airborne flight of over 24 hours. The typical configuration includes 4 fixed panorama cameras for wide swath target acquisition and one pan/tilt/zoom camera. The benefits of this flying machine is that it is programmable to fly a predetermined, GPS directed route and altitude and can be manually adjusted at any time to better identify any targets, then released to continue the original program.

About the Company: PST Ltd. is a global security and technology firm covering the oil & gas industry. The company has offices in the major oil producing regions around the world. PST is an international firm built by veteran oil industry engineers and provides vital technologies to the oil & gas industry. By developing and licensing cutting edge technologies, PST delivers a cost effective solution for securing infrastructure facilities such as oil pipelines, gas pipelines, oil exploration facilities, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, electrical power plants, water treatment plants and government facilities.

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