PTZ Dome Cameras operate in day and night conditions

New Enhanced Speed Dome Solution from Eyeview

Taipei (Taiwan)

With the success of Eyeview XPOWER-S23 PTZ dome camera for the entry-level market, Eyeview follows up with the value-added version XPOWER PTZ DOME CAMERA - M series.

The new PTZ camera offers more features including 1 preset tour with 32 preset points, vari-speed for movement and optional day & night function. Furthermore it features build-in integral multi-protocols (Pelco-D type, Pelco-P type, Eyeview) which can be selected easily via a DIP-Switch.

XPOWER-M offers also 22x or 27x optical lens. Add the adjustable pan speed from 0.5¡éX/sec. to 50¡éX/sec. and adjustable tilt speed from 0.5¡éX/sec. to 30¡éX/sec.

Eyeview also enhanced the heat-spread through an built-in special air-convectioned fan, which will allow the cold air to make good convection with the hot air inside the dome. This will reduce a lot of inside temperature of dome.

When the humidity inside of the dome is too high, the software of outdoor QPOWER will enable the heater to exsiccate the dome, which will avoid the problem of water-vapor condensation in the dome cover.

Furthermore, this new design of outdoor QPOWER will provide free built-in sun shield (with double layered housing); and for outdoor installation, Eywview offer optional kit for "outside waterproof box". You can sort all the installation wires inside this box including the adapter AC220 to AC24V, which will make your installation work much easier.

Major Features of QPOWER:

? Built-in Integral Multi-Protocols

? Offers 18 , 22x or 27x optical lens

? Adjustable pan speed from 0.5¡éX/sec. to 300¡éX/sec.

? Adjustable tilt speed from 0.5¡éX/sec. to 150¡éX/sec.

? 6 preset tour with 64 preset points (optional : 128 preset points)

Eyeview's product range of speed dome line can be summarised as following:

? XPOWER-M6 (22x ) for the most entry-level / cost-concerned solution

? XPOWER-M5 (27x Day&Night) for middle-level solution

? QPOWER series for high-end solution.

For more information:

PTZ Dome Cameras operate in day and night conditions.

April 1, 2005 09:53 - XPOWER-M series includes convection-cooled cameras with adjustable pan and tilt speeds; 18x, 22x, or 27x optical lenses; and integral multi-protocols that can be selected via DIP-Switch. M models have 1 preset tour with 32 preset points, while outdoor QPOWER models offer 6 preset tour with 64 preset points. Latter has built-in sun shield and dissipates humidity in dome cover to avoid water-vapor condensation.

Company Information:
Name: Eyeview Electronic Co.
Address: No. 6, Fuya Rd
City: Shituen Chiu
Country: Taiwan

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