Pelco Introduces Endura Network-Based Video Security System

Clovis, CA -- Look to Pelco's networked-based video security system - Endura - for high-quality, powerful performance with unparalleled flexibility. With Endura, Pelco is proud to introduce a network video security system with a powerful fault-tolerant, distributed hardware and software architecture.

This fully distributed, non-centralized video security system allows customers to make use of local area networks and IT infrastructure - representing a significant savings in cabling, hardware, and manpower resources.

No longer limited by traditional centralized approaches, Endura, with its innovative design, offers a secure and robust hardware and software platform for the implementation of video security systems. There is no end to how an Endura system and its components can interact and share video, audio, and control information.

Endura offers all the components necessary for the design and installation of a complete networked digital video system. With encoders, decoders, recorders, PC workstations, console displays, storage units, and advanced management technologies, customers now have all the tools necessary for building a state-of-the art, high-performance fault tolerant video security system - all delivered over an Ethernet network with complete flexibility.

Additionally, Pelco has solved the challenge of networked-based digital video systems now offering the image quality, responsiveness, and redundancy of traditional analog installations. Endura utilizes over 30 Pelco-exclusive pending patents to guarantee that the user's viewing experience is everything it needs to be. With excellent image quality, dynamic video stream optimization, and unparalleled performance allowing for minimal latency, Endura's performance is as powerful as its design is innovative.

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