Pin Hole Board Camera

These super premium mini security cameras are the rugged style preferred by most police departments. They feature the latest generation high performance 1/3 CCD Samsung video chipset with 251,430 pixels. Resolution is a stunning 420 lines, with incredible 0.1 lux low light ability. These mini cameras can practically see in the dark! These mini cameras require no enclosures, as they are built into nearly-indestructible copolymer housings. The PC-21 series gives you phenomenal video quality. It is truly amazing when you realize the fantastic video is coming from a postage stamp-sized video camera with 1/32 lens! Size of these tiny marvels is only 1.18 square and weight is 1 ounce. Plug and play cables make hook up fast and easy. Runs on 10-15 volts DC, 110 milliamps. The clever PC-21XP2 super pinhole lens has a 1/4 protrusion from the front face of the camera. This makes it exceptionally easy to mount in concealments with little or no vignetting. Weve never offered a better combination of ruggedness, excellent design and high performance.Camera comes with mounting bracket, pre-installed plug and play video/power cables, easy connection instructions, 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

  • 1/3" B/W Samsung CCD
  • 420 lines of resolution
  • 0.1 low lux rating 1.15" x 1.15" x .5"
  • 12 volts DC, 110 mA

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