Portable Radio Video Security Camera

This high quality wireless portable radio video camera gives you the range and performance of 2.4 gigahertz FM video transmission for unbeatable value. A high quality pinhole camera provides excellent video. Range is up to 300 feet. Fully functional radio is powered by the same AC power cord as the camera and transmitter. Use the new MVR-4 super high gain receiver/antenna for an incredible 2500 feet plus range! Transmitter has full four channel selectability, so up to four units can operate simultaneously in the same area. Low cost, long range, FM synthesized performance and near undetectability in a great concealment combine to make this one of the best covert video values weve ever offered. Legal WarningComes with functional portable radio camera/transmitter, microwave receiver, power supplies, connecting cables and 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

  • AC cable powers camera and radio
  • Four channel selectability
  • High quality

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