PowerShot G6 Digital Camera (7.4MP, 3072x2304, 4x Opt, 32MB CompactFlash Card) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Canon
Model: 9685A001
Max Focal Length: 28.8 mm
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 3072 pixels
Max Aperture: 8.0 1/f
: Number of User Reviews: 11

Reviewed by: stevelew from WA on Dec 13, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Fast focus and quick shutter for a point and shoot camera. Easy to use LCD menu icons so you can change on the fly. Exposure accurate images. The G6 has almost everything my 10D has in functions.

Weaknesses: A little pricey but I saved over $200 by buying online vs my neighborhood camera store.

Summary: Very accurate exposure readings compared to a handheld meter. You can shoot in Jpeg without worrying about over or under exposure shots so you can save room on your cards. No need to shoot Raw unless you need to fix something in Photoshop but you do have the option.
You can control all functions from aperture to shutter speed yourself for a very professional shot or just let the camera do it on Program or one one of the other Auto image modes. Very high resolution camera for prints larger than 16X20 or even on one of lower resolution settings you can get a lot of images and still print 8X10's easily.
Great camera. It will take you a while to learn everything it does but it's well worth it to read the whole user guide.

Reviewed by: ebell98 on Oct 23, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Excellent Picture Quality, Great software, Nice sturdy body

Weaknesses: Big Camera

Summary: I got this camera several days ago after researching extensively the high end point and shoots. I was torn between the G6, Olympus 5060, and the Canon S70. After many tens of hours of researching, I purchased the G6 online for $570.00 shipped to my door. I have only had it a few days and I can't believe how great the pictures turn out! Even in low light!! And the panoramic abilities and the stitching software are second to none. I am moving up from a Nikon coolpix 4200 and the difference is amazing! The Nikon was a great camera but had difficulty focusing in low light. Overall, the G6 is worth every penny. Just remember it is a larger camera and doesnt stow as easily as some of the others, but in my opinion, the picture quality is worth it.

Reviewed by: niklder on Oct 18, 2004

Experience: 8 Days

Strengths: Good evolution of the best prosumer serie: the G

Weaknesses: Pratically none

Summary: I had a G3 and I still own a G5 that I don't want to sell for the charming black look. But the G6 put on the excellent image quality and outstanding performances of the G5, only good innovations:
- 2.1 more Mp of resolution;
- bigger LCD (2") and new ergonomic body;
- the same great lens zoom 4x really fast (f/2.0 wide, f/3.0 tele) with less CA and noise, even with the increased resolution!
Considering that I think the G5 was the best Prosumer Digital Camera I ever own or test, and the incredible value for money, I really think there are no double about: if you want more, you have to spend a lot more an then it's logical to buy a SLR, as a Nikon D70 or better the Canon EOS 20D. I don't think the same for the D-Rebel: considered the money you have to spend more (specially if you want to have adequate lenses), the results and capabilities are not so much better...
This is why I consider the G6 the best product in its category, and one of the best Digital Camera overall!
Nik fotoamateur from Italy

Reviewed by: heybispender from OH on Dec 12, 2004

Experience: 15 Days

Strengths: What a fantastic picture with macro and super macro! Close up shots are very detailed! Add the macro lens and you have great quality. Using the Adobe Photoshop cs makes picture editing a breeze

Weaknesses: You really have to read the manual to know how to use all the features. Sometimes the manual focus is a little cumbersome but once mastered its easy.

Summary: I have never had a digital camera perform as well as this one. I have been reluctant to give up my old professional Nikon (at least 25 yrs old!) because of its focusing ability. I have tried several other digital cameras but I never gave up my old one - that is until now! This camera is a point and shoot - but for professional compositions you have to read the manual to get all the features.

Reviewed by: will4271 from CA on Sep 30, 2004

Experience: 4 Weeks

Strengths: Very powerful camera. The pictures come out very clear and vivid. The camera is very light weight and is very easy to use. I haven't read the book yet but I was able to figure most of the things out.

Weaknesses: Quite expensive camera. Unless you plan to keep this camera, it's an expensive investment for picture taking.

Summary: (Edited October 18th by will4271) I found that this camera works really well even under lighted, low light and no light. The pictures still comes out clear and well lighted thanks to the great built-in flash.

The camera comes with a 32MB flash card but it's too small to have permanently. I personally bought the Lexar Media 1GB 80X card (12MB/s) and that can hold a lot more pictures. I also recommend that you get an extra battery with more that mAH so you will not run out for a while.

The LCD can be moved around in a number or directions.

Your can also set the MP modes, and to use AUTO or manually select the picture mode. Very lightweight and easy to carry around.

I personally recommend it!!!!

Reviewed by: Max12345678 from KS on Apr 22, 2005


Strengths: 7mp, 2 custome White balance modes, 2 custome modes, flip screen, clear great pictures (almost as good as the Canon Rebel), hot shoe, Super Macro, fast shot to shot speed, descent shutter speed, etc

Weaknesses: Grindy Zoom in just 8hrs of use, grainy ISO 200 and 400, Weak flash, Low Res LCD, LCD does not gain in low light, Not enough shutter speeds for the price, too pricey, focus starts to get worse in time

Summary: I love this camera but I do have some problems with it.

THE PROS: The resolution is great (though maybe not as sharp as Sony. But Sony has HORRIBLE Zoom Options), I love the ND filter for too bright environments, aperature starts at 2.0 instead of 2.8 like most cameras, the Zoom is alright (4x Optical and 4.1x Digital), Manual Focus is great but cumbersome, Shot to Shot speed is good (way better then Kodak DX7590 or any other I've ever tried: I've tried, Kodak DX7590 and DX6490 - Samsung 530 - Concord Eye Qs - Nikons 5100 and 3100 - Olympus 5060 - and various others) Focusing speeds "were" good at the begining, it has a hot shoe for additional speed light or flashes, choices of Telephoto lens, macro lens, and others, the battery lif is great (2 days of continuos picture taking without flash) and charges fast (1hr-1.5hrs), best camera of tried up to the $542 range (the only other competition is Sony DSCV3 and Sony doesn't have enough options or zoom for that matter), I like the sturdy body, 2 custom white balance modes, 2 custom manual settings, Flash Strength and Flash exposure settings, Af assist lamp, 9 point focus, panoramic mode, Voice annotation to the pics you've taken, Nice Flip Screen, customizable button sounds (That's very nice), descent macro mode and Super macro mode, and a RAW mode, and good software bundle, etc, etc

THE CONS: Focus worked Great at the beggining and now after 3 wks it seems to be GETTING WORSE at focusing (that is horrible considering the Price on this expensive camera. How will focusing be in say 2 months from now?), The LCD is somewhat small - has bad resolution- not bright- and doesn't gain up in low light, and when you press on it lightly the colors smudge, the body is Silver only (so far as an option), The battery is costly, the movie mode sucks (10 fps at 640x480) and has a limit as to how much you can record REGARDLESS of the size of memory card, There is no zoom in movie mode and the movies look VERY choppy (too bad for such an expensive camera), you have Manual White Balance but NO White Balance Fine Tuning, Voice anotation recording doesn't sound as good, not many options for other modes (there should be preset modes like fireworks, museum, snow, beach, etc but there isn't), the camera started making grindy screwed up sounds when zooming within 8 hours after I pulled it out of the box brand new and not refurbished (bought from wal-mart) and as time goes (3wks) the sound is getting worse (I wonder often that if I kept it the zoom might stop functioning when I can no longer return it to the store. That's bad considering the cost), it has only USB1.1 when it should have USB 2.1,. ETC ETC

Over all the camera is a great camera if you are willing to live with the cons. But I've tried all other cameras I could get my hands on and I was very pleased with the Canon Powershot G6 over all of them. Though Sony DSCV3 was better at shot to shot speed, sharpness, and focusing but horrible at zoom and aperture settings. For the money I would buy this camera or spend about a hundred or more dollers on the Canon Rebel which doesn't have as many options as the G6 but is still better then the G6 for alot things (like Focusing, ISO, Shutter speeds, shot to shot speeds and SLR camera,. etc). The only problem is if you get the Err 99 message, then I wish you lots of luck considering the price for the Cannon Rebel. All in all I give The G6 4 stars.................

Reviewed by: LM1964 from OH on Apr 23, 2005

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Picture quality; compact size; battery life; broad range of features

Weaknesses: Advanced features may be difficult for inexperienced photographers; Mode dial may turn accidentally

Summary: I consider myself slightly above a "novice" photographer. I have owned several Point-and-Shoot cameras along the way, and most recently had a Kodak Easyshare digital camera. I decided to "move up in the world" and get a bit more advanced. After my previous cameras, there were a couple "must have" features for any new camera: 1) a hotshoe for connecting an external flash; 2) better battery life (after having DISMAL duration with my Kodak digital camera); 3) the ability to do some manual settings in case I do decide to learn more about the subtleties of photography. Along these lines, I considered a digital SLR, but my father (who IS a good photographer) recommended against it, because of the price, the size and the hassle of a SLR for someone who just wants to take ordinary pictures. My father purchased a Canon G2 several years ago and I was very impressed with the picture quality, so I explored the newer G-series and saw only good reviews of the G6. As I was preparing for a trip to Barcelona, I decided to go ahead with it. Here I am . . . and I couldn't be happier with the camera! The photo quality is outstanding. After reading the manual carefully and trying to "learn" more about when I might want to set the f-stop vs. the shutter speed, etc, etc, I ended up determining (after much experimentation) that the "Auto" mode does just great for most things. But it does have the capability to have manual adjustment of all sorts of features if I want them. The other most impressive thing? THE BATTERY LIFE! I purchased the camera in late March; charged it up when I got it; played with it for a week or so (with lots of use of the LCD display; although I usually use the optical viewfinder to conserve battery power); went to Spain; took nearly 300 pictures (many of which were indoors/flash); came home; downloaded all the pictures (on external power mostly) . . . it's now end of April . . .and I still have NOT RECHARGED the camera . . .and the "Battery Indicator" shows full charge. OK, that's impossible! I'm thinking the charge will all of a sudden go down to nothing when I least expect it . . . but even if that does happen, I am AMAZED at the battery life! Note that in the course of taking all the Spain pictures, I rarely used the LCD display (only to check the pictures to see if I needed to redo anything). Still, hands down amazing (compared to my old Kodak which only got less than 100 pictures IF I WAS LUCKY without telling me to recharge!).

So, any downside? The one thing that I was not aware of (but now will compensate for) is that the "Mode DIal" on the camera (which is vertically oriented, vs. my dad's G2 where it was horizontally oriented) sometimes rotates without my knowing it. That is, I think in the course of taking it in and out of my camera case, I must have moved it. Unaware that happened, I would start taking pictures, thinking the camera was set to "Auto" or "P" mode, only to see a few pictures later that I was on "Tv" or Portrait mode. Not good. Many re-do's required. Now I know to check before I take any picture to see where the dial is. Other than that, I love the layout of the buttons and dials. The menus are a bit tedious sometimes, but not bad overall. The handgrip is perfect for my hand (but I have small hands; it might be less good for a man).

I highly recommend this camera. It is a nice compromise between a Point-and-Shoot and a SLR. I think the best testimony I can give is that the professional photographer who was taking the photos on the trip to Spain said that I had a great camera and he would buy it for himself (if he didn't already have $5000 worth of cameras, I think! :) .

Reviewed by: cwg2603 from TX on Jan 10, 2005

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Accurate light metering; excellent color; easy to use; good, solid feel

Weaknesses: Redeye from anemic flash; wish it was more powerful, so bought an external flash (Canon 420EX works great) to compensate

Summary: Although this is a superb camera, it does have a couple of design flaws. First, the focus slide for the eyepiece will move on you if you hang the camera around your neck or shoulder with the strap. As the camera slides back and forth the slide will move to one extreme or the other and the next time one uses it, it will have to be refocused. This is just a minor annoyance. Another problem is with the plastic flap that covers the A/V OUT, DC IN, and DIGITAL connections. This flap can get caught in the chord that holds the lens cap and bend (mine did the first time the camera was used in a business setting). If the user's fingers, for example, are trying to get the LCD to swing out into position, the lens cap is flying free in the wind, and the little cover of these outlets gets bumped open, the chord that holds the lens cover can get wrapped around it and the hinge for the cover will be stressed and bend. With enough of these cycles it could break. Both fo these concerns are manageable with care, so overall, this is a very good camera. The manual is easy to read, the controls are intuitive, the pictures it takes are great, and so this user would highly recommend it. Canon hit a home run with this camera.

Reviewed by: dyames64 from NY on Sep 13, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Very much similar to g5 but lighter. great pictures and the accompanying software is great!

Weaknesses: the silver color lacks the elegance that black has.

Summary: very good camera. the g series has in fact received a lot of good reviews. if you are familiar with the g5, the g6 is an improved version: bigger lcd monitor, smaller camera size and finer pictures.

Reviewed by: burkebill from MN on Apr 11, 2005

Experience: 5 Months

Strengths: Good pictures, Nice zoom, Can take the Microdrive.

Weaknesses: Camera is unusable with The LCD display I couldn't use it at all in normal sunshine couldn't see the darn thing. Also very poor in dim light as well. Using the view finder wasn't very good as well.

Summary: This is not a great camera I got rid of it and bought the Digital rebel nice camera. The view finder just didn't work when doing closeups. You can't use the manual focus from the view finder so throw away closeup with this camera using the viewfinder. Don't buy it.

Reviewed by: dhishi from NJ on May 9, 2005

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Great picture quality. Lots of controls for the professional photographer. Good battery life.

Weaknesses: A large camera to tug around with. No built-in lens cap. Red-Eye with the built-in flash. Too complicated for the regular everday user

Summary: (Edited May 09th by dhishi) I was looking for a good camera and read all the reviews online and decided to get this camera solely based on the reviews and posting. I tried the S70 and the Sony V1. The G6 gives natural color and no issue on the automatic white balance. The images are sharp and clear ( if the autofocus finally does what it is suppose to do ). The S70 is more compact but the picture quality is not very interesting. My previous camera was the Sony V1 which has excellent picture quality and had never given an red-eye effect, however reds appear as orange - very poor white balance. The G6 gives you what you see is what you get ! There some issues though. Not all your pictures will turn out sharp and clear. I would say 20% will be blurred in some fashion. It has a low light issue and trouble in focusing in low light situations. The autofocus is cumbersome and takes sometime to focus that you end up missing that great moment you want to capture. Red-eye seems the biggest problem with this camera. You will need to use your desktop software to fix it. You can invest in an external flash but by the time you do that you might be better off to get the Rebel Digial XT. The lens cap is cumbersome, it hangs from the camera and sometimes comes in the way - wish they had it built-in. You really need to read the manual to use this camera and I would not recommed it for daily average user. BTW, the CCD on this camera is made by Sony.

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