Powerline Audio


We've just received this news on an interesting product that distributes audio over the homes existing mains...

The easiest and most affordable solution to multiroom audio. No drilling of walls, no spaghetti of cables, no complicated wireless network settings. Just connect a Powerline Audio device to your hi-fi or active speakers in each room, plug into a wall socket, push a button to set the channel … and you have a house full of music.

Said Graham Cross of 4YourEars.com, “Powerline Audio is new to Europe, so most people won’t have heard of it. For those who have been put off multiroom audio because of the cost or inconvenience of new cabling, the solution is now here. Why install new cables or networks when the solution already exists in most homes – the normal electricity power supply!”

Powerline Audio also has an inbuilt internet radio function so you can listen to internet radio on your hi-fi, not just from a computer’s speakers...

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