Privacy Masking Unit works with any fixed camera

Ernitec - Get Privacy Masking on Any Fixed Camera!

Ernitec now introduces a revolutionary product allowing you in a very simple way to introduce masking zones on any of your fixed cameras!

This product will protect the investment in existing cameras and yet provide you with an ideal solution for complying with local data protection acts and CCTV laws. With new installations as well you are able to establish a contemporary, efficient surveillance solution with all the individually shaped masks that your customer needs.

The new RVD-162X-PM from Ernitec is indeed unique. It is specifically designed for installation where privacy may be violated. This might typically be outdoor surveillance situations, but it also applies to mask out restricted areas inside buildings, such as prisons, banks, insurance companies, high profile manufacturing plants, police stations, and many others.

It can be applied to up to 16 standard CCTV cameras of any brand and type, thus saving you from being forced to rely on special, dedicated and expensive cameras with built-in privacy masking. This important characteristic makes it possible for you to choose the optimum camera for the installation without having to worry about whether it has privacy masking or not.

It also provides you with 8 different individual levels of transparency making it possible to locate a person behind the mask but preventing identification. On top of that, the masking can automatically be switched off in an alarm situation or it may follow a time schedule so that the masking is only applied during certain times of the day.

Ernitec RVD-162X-PM includes eight levels of transparency. Furthermore it has a selection between two mask sets per channel.

Masks can be disabled from external input. To be added to these features are the RS-232 remote control, built-in compensation for long coax cables, 16 video inputs and 32 video output.

RVD-162X-PM is compatible with standard CCTV cameras.

Get privacy masking on any fixed camera!

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Privacy Masking Unit works with any fixed camera.

April 20, 2005 07:52 - Intended for installation where privacy may be violated, Model RVD-162X-PM can be applied to up to 16 standard CCTV cameras of any brand and type. It provides 8 different levels of transparency, making it possible to locate person behind mask but preventing identification. Masking can automatically be switched off in alarm situation or it may follow time schedule. Unit includes RS-232 remote control, 16 video inputs, and 32 video outputs.

Company Information:
Name: Ernitec A/S
Address: H?rk?r 24
City: DK - 2730 Herlev
Country: Denmark

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