Programmable Platform Speeds Complex System Development

Celoxica RC250 Accelerates SoPC Development and System Bottle-Necks for Complex Multimedia and Communications Applications

Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK March 2, 2005 -- Celoxica Ltd., the leading provider of C-based Electronic System Level (ESL) design and synthesis solutions, has announced the availability of its newest programmable SoC prototyping and development platform. The RC250 further extends Celoxica's RC series of high-performance FPGA development boards for complex system design and is available with an out-of-the-box suite of ESL design software, IP and system level APIs for rapid system exploration and implementation.

The RC250 package offers designers a complete HW/SW desktop environment for complex system development. Expressly designed for the rapid creation of high-performance, high-throughput multimedia and communications applications, the RC250 has a feature rich array of peripherals including analogue and digital video I/O, two channel gigabit Ethernet and USB2.0. Also supplied is a comprehensive platform support library (PSL) that allows easy access to the board-level features from the ESL. System level APIs supplied with the RC250 enable HW/SW co-design and architectural exploration of partitions, and encourage IP reuse by abstracting the specific board level detail away from the application code.

"Altera and Celoxica have been working together to provide embedded system developers a powerful method for accelerating software algorithms written in C to hardware functions that typically run many orders of magnitude faster," said Jim Smith, director of EDA vendor relations for Altera. "Celoxica's RC250 is the ideal environment for rapid prototyping and development of performance-optimized systems-on-chip."

To process and manipulate I/O-intensive and data-streamed applications the RC250 is fitted with a 9-million gate Altera Stratix II EP2S90 FPGA with direct access to the on-board ZBT SRAM and DDR SDRAM. High-performance video applications are supported by analogue and digital video I/O, as well as dual CMOS camera connectors. Dual gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHYs and 10/100/1000baseT sockets provides capability for data streaming, data distribution and high performance network applications and RC250 also offers a USB 2.0 connection for high-speed bit file download and to host FPGA application communications.

"With an ever increasing demand for easy access to programmable SoC's at the system level, the RC250 is the latest addition to our RC series of boards that consistently deliver fast and efficient access to very high density reconfigurable silicon," said Graham McKenzie, senior product marketing manager at Celoxica.

Pricing and Availability
The RC250 is available direct from Celoxica or through its sales distribution partners. For more information, go to Pricing starts at $7,650 for the RC250 Professional and $9,000 for the R250 Expert. Celoxica also offers the DK Design Suite and DKAccelerator for Altera's SOPC Builder tool, Agility Complier for SystemC synthesis and other software products supporting Electronic System Level design and Programmable SoC development.

About Celoxica
An innovator in ESL design, Celoxica supplies the design technology, IP and services that define software-compiled system design, a methodology that exploits higher levels of design abstraction to dramatically improve silicon design productivity. Celoxica's products address hardware/software partitioning, co-verification and C-based synthesis. Established in 1996, Celoxica offers a proven route from complex algorithms to hardware, and provides a portfolio of ESL design tools that deliver significant productivity advantages for digital signal processing applications such as imaging, electronic security and communications. For more information, visit:

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