Programmable Scan Cameras feature CameraLink? output
Programmable Scan Cameras feature CameraLink? output.
Programmable Scan Cameras feature CameraLink? output.

October 15, 2004 08:12 - Available in B&W and color versions, IPX-VGA90 and IPX-VGA120 progressive scan cameras feature respective frame rates of 90 and 120 fps. Both models use 640 x 480 pixel, monochrome, interline transfer CCD with 8/10-bit digital resolution or Bayer color CCD with same performance. CameraLink? interface provides 10-bit image data, CC1 trigger input, and RS232 communications interface. Programmable features include frame rate, electronic shutter, and external trigger.

Imperx, Inc. announces IPX-VGA90 & IPX-VGA120 Fast Programmable Scan Cameras Featuring CameraLink?

October 4, 2004, Boca Raton, FL Imperx, Inc. announces the introduction of their advanced IPX-VGA90 and IPX-VGA120 high-speed progressive scan cameras for machine vision, monitoring of fast processes, surveillance, intelligent transportation systems, character recognition and other applications. The new cameras feature B&W and color versions, programmable operation, CameraLink? output and a frame rate of 90 frames and 120 frames per second (fps), respectively, at full resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

ˇ¤ The IPX-VGA90 uses a 640 x 480 pixel, monochrome, interline transfer CCD capable of 90 fps output with 8/10-bit digital resolution. The IPX-VGA90C, color version, uses a Bayer color CCD with the same performance.

ˇ¤ The IPX-VGA120 uses a 640 x 480 pixel monochrome interline transfer CCD capable of 120 fps output with 8/10-bit digital resolution. The IPX-VGA120C, color version, uses a Bayer color CCD with the same performance.

Programmable features include resolution, frame rate, electronic shutter, long integration, external trigger, pre-exposure, strobe output, gain and offset. The camera also provides 8/10 bit digital resolution, dynamic gamma and noise resolution and even built-in test patterns! The programmable electronic shutter can stop motion with speeds from 1/90 to 1/40,000 sec. or it can provide time exposures as long as 10 sec for low-light applications.

The camera returns images digitally through its standard CameraLink? interface, providing 10-bit image data, CC1 trigger input and an RS232 communications interface. It also has a level-sensitive trigger input and a strobe output for synchronization with an external light source. The external trigger is asynchronous and optically isolated with programmable pre-exposure of up to 30 msec. Users can program the trigger level at anywhere from 3.3 to 5.0 V.

The camera body is a compact 65 mm x 65 mm x 40 mm (2.56" x 3.56" x 1.58"), and takes a 1/3" C-mount lens. It weighs in at only 330 grams (12.0 oz) and runs off any 12 V DC supply capable of providing 330 mA.

About Imperx, Inc.

Imperx, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures advanced, state-of-the-art imaging products used in the machine vision, medical, defense, surveillance and astronomy markets, and wherever there is a need to capture high-resolution digital color or black/white images for both still and full-rate motion processing. Imperx' manufacturing facilities are certified for ISO 9002 compliance.

Imperx' product portfolio is focused in four core areas: cameras, frame grabbers, adapters and repeaters. The MDC mega-pixel camera line features rich, high resolution, high speed, color and monochrome images and offers unprecedented performance for today's demanding machine vision and surveillance applications. The VCE series of analog frame grabbers have achieved the number-one market share status. FrameLink ? digital frame grabber for CameraLink? cameras is the only product of its kind on the market! The Adapt-A-Link? series of adapters allows customers to leverage their investment in existing cameras or frame grabbers, with dissimilar interfaces, by performing the necessary adaptation. Their series of Adapt-A-Link? repeaters overcomes the distance limits imposed by the CameraLink? and LVDS standards, providing for a virtually unlimited reach.

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FrameLink? and Adapt-A-Link? are registered trademarks of Imperx, Inc., Boca Raton, Fla.

CameraLink? is a registered trademark of the Automated Imaging Association, Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Loren Ulrich

Director of Sales & Marketing

Imperx, Inc.

6421 Congress Avenue, Suite 204

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Toll Free: (877) 863-1654

Phone: (561) 989-0006

Fax: (561) 989-0045


Loren Ulrich Director of Sales & Marketing
Phone: 877-863-1654
FAX: 561-989-0045
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Company Information:
Name: Imperx Inc.
Address: 6421-T Congress Ave., Suite 204
City: Boca Raton
State: FL
ZIP: 33487
Country: USA
Phone: 561-989-0006
FAX: 561-989-0045

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