Psc 1315 All-In-One Printer (17 PPM, 4800x1200 DPI, Color, 16MB, PC/Mac) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Hp (hewlett-packard)
Model: Q5765A
Printer Type: All-in-One
: Number of User Reviews: 28

Reviewed by: phillygirl2 from PA on Dec 29, 2004

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Good printer quality

Weaknesses: A little loud when scanning, copying

Summary: I've printed photos without changing out the black cartridge and the color was better than the original. The scanner belt can get loud. When I print something with a lot of graphics, there's usually some kind of error. I hit the on button and it goes away. I've tested canon, lexmark all in one and the color just isn't as good as this hp.

Reviewed by: mooc0w from IL on Jan 9, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: +Price +Quality +Setup

Weaknesses: -Ink Installation -Ink Price

Summary: After my scanner died, and I grew more and more weary of bringing files to a printer at a different location, I went out looking for a solution to both.
Glad I wandered around Office max and found this.

I've never owned a HP printer or scanner before, so I can't make any comparisons to other models. I am pleased with the 1315.
Was quite pleased that the installation offers the choice of not installing HP software, and only installing drivers, as that's my preference.
The main issue with installation was the ink. Took a few tries to get the locking snap to secure the cartridges, but not something that should deter a potential buyer.

Very happy with the results, despite the ink being a bit on the pricey side. Definietly recommended for anyone who needs a scanner and a printer. The copier is always a plus!

Reviewed by: snowcub3 from OR on Jan 23, 2005

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: High quality photo printing from the computer, the scanner or the coppier. I have put it through all of my tests and so far find it to be the best printer or all in one that I have owned.

Weaknesses: The set up time for the software to install is about 30 minutes.

Summary: I have had many printers and this one is by far the best. I do a lot of scrapbooking and digital photography. The quality of the scans and photo prints is excellent. I won't be looking for another printer for quite some time now.

Reviewed by: ezobby from TN on Mar 10, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Low cost with high quality prints and ease of setup.

Weaknesses: Old software package

Summary: Roughly I satisfied this all-in-one machine except software package. The attached the version of sw package is 3.5.1 while that of newest is 4.2.0. Thus I have to download from HP customer website. It is inconvenient.

Reviewed by: akho from IL on Mar 26, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: easy to set up. easy to align printer. good quality print out

Weaknesses: machine is a little loud.

Summary: I like this unit. It's compact and very easy to use. Lots of great features. Both black and white and color copies comes out really nice. I can scan a document into a pdf format too! that is really great.

Reviewed by: ALEXISDEE from MD on Mar 30, 2005

Experience: 4 Months


Weaknesses: NA


Reviewed by: justinktye from SC on Apr 14, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Price, Ease of use, Good HP customer service

Weaknesses: None for the price

Summary: My printer stopped working and all I wanted was something that could print, scan, and have a price tag of less than $100. I got what I expected an am pleased with the purchase. I also called HP customer service and had a friendly American on the line, not a foreigner who I couldn't understand. If you don't print much or expect professional quality, then this All-in-One is a great choice.

Reviewed by: ylegolas from MA on May 8, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: All in one, low cost, easy to use, low cost for upgrade

Weaknesses: fair print quality, and expensive ink

Summary: just got my HP 1315 this week and finally had the time to set it up. With the installation process, I suggest that it will be more simple if you just follow the instruction that came from the box. The setup process was really long which got me kind of anxious, but at least it went smoothly.

Reviewed by: chipspatrol80 from FL on Apr 25, 2005

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Price, copy/scan buttons on printer, top-quality photo prints, scanner is also great, doesn't eat-up ink cartiages fast

Weaknesses: No fax modem (some of the all-in-ones I noticed included this, but you can scan a document and then send it to your computer's fax modem)

Summary: This thing is great. This is my first printer that can print photos, and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the prints. Also, very easy to scan important documents and save them on your computer. I have bought a generic 3rd party color ink cartiage for 13 bucks and it seems to be working as good as the HP one that came with the printer.

Reviewed by: Trainman2k from PA on Oct 20, 2004

Experience: 5 Weeks

Strengths: Low cost. High quality prints and scans. Ease of setup and use is very refreshing. Independant copy operation from computer.

Weaknesses: Is a trite scary when first used due to noises, but hey, it's a wonderful unit, looks good, and most of all, performs very well.

Summary: It will save me a lot of trouble and stress with the easy use of the copier function alone. No more special trips to make a copy of something. The panel mounted Color/Black & White copy selection is a great idea. I also enjoy the fact that the copy function can be used without powering up the computer.

This unit was VERY easy to setup and use - just follow the directions. I've had no paper jambs at all and have gotten a lot of use out of it in a short time.

The overall performance of this unit is worth way more than the MSRP. I would, and already have, highly recommended this unit to others.

Reviewed by: web_lin from TX on Oct 3, 2004

Experience: 9 Days

Strengths: Very nice print out + copy + scan quality, the best all-in-one you can find for the price!

Weaknesses: some tolerable noise when paper feed, but quiet when start printing.

Summary: (Edited October 03rd by web_lin) Bought thus 9/25 @ OM for $70 + tax. You can't beat this price for a all-in-one. Output quality is very good compare with my old HP 842c. There is some niose when it first feeds the paper for around 4~5sec, then becomes quiet when it start to print. When you do the scan, there is some cut-off in the edge, otherwise the sacn quality is awesome. Some peopel rate this machine low-end low-quality...well, for the 70 something I paid, I think it really worth the money. If you are poor student like me, or wanna something small but really work for your home office with low cost, go for it!

Reviewed by: katiebeth from TX on Oct 12, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Quiet, efficient, good print, scan, and copy quality, good price

Weaknesses: Had to return the first one I bought because after less than two months, the print cartridge kept stalling after a paper jam was cleared. Troubleshooting with HP's live chat did not solve the problem

Summary: Overall, I am pleased with the printer, because I got the same model after returning the first one. The print quality and speed is very good. Hopefully the problem with the first one was just a fluke.

Reviewed by: misterkim from CA on Sep 12, 2004

Experience: 19 Days

Strengths: All in one. Three machines built into one. Price. HP name recognition.

Weaknesses: Faxing capability is absent. Color Cartridges are expensive and do not last long.

Summary: I have never owned HP printer before.
So, this was a switch of loyalty on my part and the deciding factor was the three functions/machines all rolled into a single machine.
HP1315 copies well, prints greatly and scans perfectly.
This space-saving unit has been a gem on my desk since it arrived.
I highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a multi-function machine.
HP knows what it's doing.

Reviewed by: lsherris from FL on Nov 2, 2004

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Low cost. Ease of use.

Weaknesses: Print quality is only fair. You need to change cartridges for photo printing.

Summary: This three in one is really very nice for the money. At this price you have to expect some compromises. Set up and use is a snap. Making copies in black and white or color is also simple.

I'm not sure this three in one is an adequate printer if you want to print photos. You have to replace the black ink cartridge with a special photo cartridge. That will get old if you want to alternate between printing documents and photos.

Reviewed by: yehudako from NJ on Dec 15, 2004

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: High quality and relatively fast printing

Weaknesses: No integrated fax, strange noise when start printing, need to change color cartridge for printing high quality photos

Summary: (Edited December 15th by yehudako) This all-in-one machine is great for its price. Remember that it includes a printer, copier and scanner but no fax, so if you need a fax, look elsewhere (the scanner can be used by software to fax through the computer, if you have a fax/modem card).

Installation couldn't be easier, but the usb cable is not included.

So far, I experienced only with the print-capabilities and I am satisfied with both quality and speed. They are noticeably better compared to my 2-years old HP 940 deskjet.

One warning: this printer allows you to improve the quality of photo realistic printing, by replacing the black-cartridge with an additional 3-color cartridge. This way, you have 2 color cartridges providing you with overall 6 basic colors. This is great, but who wants to bother with replacing cartridges (what might even shorten their life)??. I think that people printing pictures at home, should consider more convenient solutions. I, myself, use online services to print my pictures (they are cheaper and more professional than printing at home), so I don't care about this.

I hope to update this review later, and share with you my experience when scanning pictures.

Reviewed by: rsprang from PA on Jan 3, 2005

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: compact, fast

Weaknesses: none noted

Summary: The Psc 1315 All in one printer is a great little machine. I bought it as a replacement for a PSC500. It's smaller, lighter, faster, and produces better quality printouts than the older machine. In addition, the rectangular shape makes it fit better in the printer cubbyhole on a computer desk.

The printer works well, produces great quality output, and is quiet and reliable. I recommend it.

Reviewed by: doggyp from GA on Dec 20, 2004

Experience: 50 Days

Strengths: small, so I can put it on my little desk. perform well on all three function now. also show good quility on photo printing

Weaknesses: scan surface is not very friendly, not many selection to set up. sometimes scan result is really weird

Summary: basically, its enough for document and photo printing. need more considerations on scan suface.....I used umax scanner before....I really liked their TWAIN surface. After I first time installed the driver, the printer preferance is Spanish.....sorry, I don't know Spanish, and I couldn't find where was language set up, so I had to download the driver again....I strongly recommand HP develop better drivers and softwares.....

Reviewed by: sheetalc from NJ on Dec 19, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Cheap in its category, flatbed scanner

Weaknesses: Not so great photo quality, noisy. Software installation was problematic..using Microsoft scanner wizard

Summary: I have had this for abt 3 weeks now. It works as reviewed/described. Am pretty happy with the way it churns out the color print-outs even on the ordinary paper. Its a bit noisy when the scanner is on - but the quality is great for me. I am just an average user - take like 5 printouts a month and scan once or twice a month. Got a greta deal at Black friday and am happy.

Reviewed by: panetrez from CA on Mar 27, 2005

Experience: 4 Days

Strengths: High print quality, reasonable printer speed, several functions, decent software, not too loud. Beautiful design!

Weaknesses: None so far...Expensive ink

Summary: This is an absolutely beautiful printer. The design is stunning and it fits nicely in the corner of a desk. Many good features, the copy feature especially is extraordinarily efficient. Print quality is superb.

Reviewed by: jayger from CO on May 10, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: For the price after rebates, you really can't go wrong.

Weaknesses: Price for ink is expensive.

Summary: This is a great all-in-one printer. It does everything but fax. The color printing special ink to make great photo pictures from your digital camera is great, but you're better off going to Target, Walgreen's, Costco, etc to get your digital film developed instead of using the special ink for this printer since it's less expensive. I mainly use it for black and white printing and copying, as the color cartridge on these printers run out quickly and is rather expensive relative to how inexpensive the printer was after rebates. I paid close to $30 after factoring in the rebates.

Reviewed by: guxu from AL on May 9, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Fast. It prints much faster than most other printers of the same price range. Great print quality as well.

Weaknesses: No fax modem installed and no ADF.

Summary: It prints at good quality at fast speed. Its scan and copying qualities are very good too. If you do not need fax modem or ADF, this AIO is the best choice for the price you pay for.

Reviewed by: mces from ID on May 5, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Price, compact size' decent print quality, and speed.

Weaknesses: None

Summary: I purchased this to replace my current setup of a seperate scanner and printer. They were just taking up to much room on my desk. With that said I do appreciate the all in one feature and its small footprint on my desk.Print quality is good, although I don't use it as a photo printer. I use it as a home office printer/scanner and its perfect for that.

Reviewed by: gnimlee on May 3, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: High quality

Weaknesses: Ink is expensive.

Summary: Good one. I used it for scanning. A little bit noisy but OK. As for the printing, not much words to say since I only have it for one day.

Reviewed by: ajibarra from TX on May 2, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Reliable & quiet for all that it can do. i would have expected a product with more bulk, but this was a nice sleek look that did not cause a mess.

Weaknesses: The paper eject tray is not existant & at times, the paper will fly right to the ground.

Summary: I have been looking for an All-in-One printer was a while and, when shopping around online, what I was always led to was this HP 1315. For all that I know that it will accomplish, I was satisfied with the size and the price. I have had a HP printer in the past, and I can say that out of all of the printer brands out there, HP has continously given great results.

Reviewed by: CrAzIcRaCkEr on May 1, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: unknown

Weaknesses: HP does not support Windows 2000 Operating Systems

Summary: Before I begin, let me eliminate any doubt. I currently have both the A+ certification and the MSCE cert.

I came here and read all of the great reviews about this product. I went and purchased this product for my wife. My wife scrapbooks and she wanted to use it on her computer. The box says that it will run with Windows 98, XP, ME, and 2000. The minimum requirements are a Pentium II, 128 megs of memory, 300 megs of hard drive space. She has a Pentium II - 233 with 384 megs of memory and 17 gigs of free hard drive space, running Windows 2000 Pro with sp4 and all of the possible updates that Windows offers. The installation software first reported that it could not do the typical install with required almost 700 megs of hard drive space (we have 17 gigs free). The GUI shaded this option out and only left the "minimal install" option available. After selecting next, the GUI came back and said that the processor was too slow. It said that our processor speed was 234mhz (actually it is a 233) and then right below that said that at least 233 mhz is required.

I realize that this is not a fast PC, but it still was within the operating parameters of the printer requirements that we're on the box. So I searched their support site and found nothing related to my particular issue. So I called Tech support and they told me that they do not support Windows 2000 and can not help me any further.

I was able to manually install all of the print/scan drivers thru the hardware wizard in Windows 2000. I can print with the printer, but not scan. I put Photoshop on my wife's computer and using the "Acquire image" option in Photoshop, it errored and told me that it needed to load the proprietary software that the HP installation disk failed to install.

So my biggest complaint is to all potential buyers of this product is to beware that HP does not support Windows 2000, even though it says that they support it right on the box!!! That my Pentium II - 233 mhz computer was not fast enough (even though it says this on the box too!)

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