Quality RJ11-E CAT5 RJ-45 cables and adapters

The CAB-100 is quality multi-purpose universal cable for connection of video, audio and DC power between cameras, monitors, recorders and processors. The cable consists of coaxial cable and two conductor cables each for audio and power in one stranded cable for multi-purpose applications. Each cable comes with BNC connectors for video and audio and a barrel plug connector for power on each end.


  • BNC connector video
  • BNC connector audio
  • Quality multi-purpose universal cable
  • Barrel plug connector DC power

  • New color security cameras for your system
  • Color C-Mount Video Camera 12 Volt Switchable Auto Iris
  • Black and white quad processor
  • Wireless Covert Clock Radio Video Security Camera
  • 19"- 21" Monitor Mount
  • Fixed Iris 12 mm Lens
  • Color Covert USB Computer Speaker Camera
  • Automotive Surveillance System
  • Three Hundred Foot Cable with rj 11e connectors
  • Underwater Video Camera
  • 8cm CD-R 25 Spindle
  • Home Security Camera Background