Quality Video Security Systems

The SO5152QCPIR is a comprehensive security solution designed for any number of commercial and residential applications that require multiple camera locations. The monitor is a 15?color, true-flat screen, professional grade video monitor with a built-in digital dual quad processor, capable of monitoring up to 8 cameras simultaneously while allowing 4 different viewing options. The monitor has dual RJ-11E and BNC connectors and hosts a number of features such as on-screen programming, time-and-date stamp, camera titling, alarm input/output, variable dwell time and separate power switches for system and screen. The two cameras have a built-in PIR motion sensor, wide-angle 3.6mm lens, an alarm input for hookup of optional sensor devices and a microphone and speaker for two-way audio communication capabilities. All cameras have modular RJ-11E connectors for simple plug and play installation. This system is a great value given its performance, features and price.


  • 15?color flat screen professional video monitor with built-in digital dual quad processor
  • Mounting hardware
  • Two SCS351CN cameras
  • Two camera cables
  • Real time, 30 frames per second, digital dual quad processor
  • Display Zoom allowing closer viewing of object in center of screen
  • Capable of monitoring up to 8 cameras simultaneously
  • 500 lines of resolution
  • On-screen programming
  • Time-and-date generator, camera titling
  • Alarming input/output with variable dwell time
  • Separate power switches for system and screen only
  • Two-way audio from camera to monitor
  • Accessory input on cameras for connecting motion detectors, alarm contacts, intercom boxes, etc.
  • Quad output for connection to a secondary monitor
  • Video-loss detection
  • RJ-11E and BNC inputs for cameras 1 ?8
  • Built-in control of pan/tilt camera dome functions (optional camera sold separately)
  • Alarm outputs on monitor for optional external alarm accessories

  • Smart Media - Unbranded
  • 17 inch B/W Observation System with Built-in Digital Quad Processor, Three Low-Light CCD C
  • Hidden Briefcase Video Security Camera
  • Fixed Iris 12 mm Lens
  • Weatherproof Infrared Cam
  • External Camera Housing
  • Waterproof CCD Colour Camera and Quad Processor
  • Mace safety flasher 80242 personal security product
  • Li-Ion CR-V3 Battery
  • Wireless Video & Audio Transmitter
  • RCA Male to BNC to BNC Female Adapter
  • Home Security Camera Background