Quality Video Security Systems

This comprehensive system can view up to 4 digital cameras on the 10.4?LCD monitor with unsurpassed picture clarity and vivid, crisp colors. Choose from one of three views: quad image display of all 4 cameras, rotating full screen display of each camera or full screen display of any single camera. The D2D has several unique features not found in most analog observation systems: an Auxiliary BNC Video input for a standard analog camera connection or other video source; and a secondary monitor video output for connection to another monitor. The LCD monitor’s compact size and weight is another very unique feature for observation systems and is a great choice when space on a desk or counter is at a premium. The user also has the choice of wall mounting the LCD monitor for additional flexibility in those really tight conditions. Using CAT5 cable and RJ-45 modular connectors, the LCD monitor provides power to the cameras and receives back the video and audio signals simultaneously.


  • One 10.4" Color Quad LCD Digital Monitor
  • One digital camera
  • Camera cable and mount
  • Full duplex operation with simultaneous VCR playback and record (requires two VCR’s)
  • 10.4?TFT LCD Color Quad Monitor with desktop stand or wall mountable
  • Camera 1-4 full screen image select (640x480 progressive scan 30 frames/sec)
  • Quad image display select (4 - 320x240 Real-time 30 frames/sec)
  • Sequencing display with selectable dwell time and Auto-Skip function
  • Remote viewing and control from a PC through USB port
  • Four RJ-45 camera inputs
  • Modular RJ-11 VCR connector
  • Secondary monitor output for camera 1
  • Auxiliary video input for analog camera or other video source
  • Alarm output connectors
  • Key lock/Menu Password protection

  • Mitsubishi Single Channel Network Video Server
  • Quad Processor Splitter
  • Wireless CCTV Monitoring System
  • Mace Pepper Spray Pocket Model 80332
  • Professional dome cameras - for work or home
  • Twenty Foot RCA-to RJ-11E Adapter Cable
  • Colour Pinhole Camera Module with Audio
  • 10.4 inch Digital LCD Color Security Monitor
  • 80380 Leather Plus 80380 10 percent Mace Pepper Spray with UV Dye
  • High Resolution C-Mount Video Camera
  • Quickcam Communicate
  • Home Security Camera Background