Quality fake decoy security camera

Decoy security camera - Since the presence of cameras alone helps reduce theft, some busineses include fake cameras in their purchase to help increase their overall security reach. This non-functioning imitation product looks like the real deal. Just put it any place you want to reduce theft.


  • mounting hardware
  • One non-functioning decoy camera
  • cable

  • Pan/Tilt Mini-Dome Color Camera
  • Vandal Proof Color Dome Camera
  • Professional Universal Modulator
  • Color Cube Camera Micro Lens
  • Color High Intensity IR Camera Weatherproof
  • 4 Channel Auto-Switcher
  • Quality RJ11-E CAT5 RJ-45 cables and adapters
  • InControl Camera Col
  • Color Underwater Camera
  • New wireless 2.4 gigahertz receiver
  • Color Exview C-Mount Video Camera
  • Discussion on Security Camera