RAD-I/O from RedRadio

Now this looks very nice! We'll be watching this one with interest...

"RAD-I/O (Rad-ee-oh) is a new, innovative touch screen solution that will change the way you think about using touch screens in every room of the home or office. For industrial applications, put the touch screens wherever they are most usfeul. RAD-I/O is based on RedRadio's patent pending Fractional Video Display technology.

This unique solution consists of up to eight 2.7" single-gang LCD touch screens powered by a PCI video card in a computer. The PCI video card splits a standard VGA desktop up into 8 1/8th VGA quadrants, and outputs these 8 quadrants to the single-gang LCD touch screens. This means that anything that can be rendered on the computer's desktop will be rendered on the LCD touch screens. Evaluation (not for resale) units will begin shipping in March, 2005....


PCI Video Card

  • Half-length PCI card.
  • VGA 640x480 desktop using a Silicon Motion Lynx3D chip.
  • 8 RJ12 (6 pin) ports for CAT5 connection to RAD-I/O LCD touch screens.
  • 3 of 4 CAT5 pairs are used for each LCD (leaving a spare pair).
  • Draws power from the PCI slot, plus one floppy-style power connector.

RAD-I/O Single-gang LCD Touch Screens

  • 2.7" TFT LCD mounted in portrait mode.
  • 160x240 pixel screen resolution.
  • 512 colors.
  • Resistive touch.
  • Each LCD uses a single CAT5 cable (up to 340 ft.) that goes to the video card.

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