Radiometric Software Toolkit is suited for IR cameras
Radiometric Software Toolkit is suited for IR cameras.
Radiometric Software Toolkit is suited for IR cameras.

April 22, 2003 07:39 - RTools? software suite, suited for use by research engineers and scientists, acquires, radiometrically calibrates, processes, analyzes, and archives data from digital IR imaging systems. It enables users to realize spatial, temporal, and spectral radiometric data in units of absolute or contrast radiance, irradiance, radiant intensity, and temperature. RDac?, RCal?, RView?, and REdit? modules are compatible with USAF Standard Archive Format.

Indigo Systems Introduces New Radiometric Software Toolkit for IR Cameras

April 17, 2003 ¨C Goleta, CA - Indigo Systems introduces RTools?, an innovative and comprehensive software suite developed to meet the rigorous demands of research engineers and scientists. The RTools software toolkit is designed to acquire, radiometrically calibrate, process, analyze and archive data from advanced, digital infrared (IR) imaging systems. While coupled with an Indigo high-end focal plane array (FPA) camera, RTools is ideal for imaging applications that require extremely accurate radiometric quantities of static or dynamic phenomenon.

The R-Tools software kit provides the advanced IR camera user with the capability to realize spatial, temporal, and spectral radiometric data in units of absolute or contrast radiance, irradiance, radiant intensity and temperature. There are several, easy-to-use, stand-alone modules included in the flexible software kit, all of which are compatible with the U. S. Air Force's Standard Archive Format (SAF).

The RDac? module within the RTools suite is a real-time data acquisition program for image capture, viewing, analysis, storage, and radiometric output. The RCal? module works in tandem with the RDac module and the SAF image file format to radiometrically calibrate IR cameras in units of radiance, irradiance, radiant intensity, and temperature. The RView? module is a high performance software tool used for in-depth radiometric image viewing, analysis, and report generation. RView is designed for ease-of-use and is compatible with both infrared imager and hyperspectral imager SAF files. The REdit? utility provides the RTools user with both individual and batch mode capability to modify and archive ancillary measurement data on one or more image files during a single image processing session.

Indigo Systems Corporation (, based in Goleta, California, is a premier developer and supplier of advanced infrared cameras and components, covering the entire infrared spectrum including near-, midwave-, and longwave-IR. Since 1996, Indigo has provided IR cameras, software, and enclosure solutions for commercial, industrial, security, military and R&D applications. Indigo Systems is a next-generation IR company, whose unique structure and mix of commercial and defense expertise allows it to deliver military-grade infrared products while driving down costs to enable new, commercial applications of infrared cameras.

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