Razr V3 GSM Quadband Phone (Unlocked) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Motorola
: Number of User Reviews: 4

Reviewed by: AlexanderAkulick from AL on Mar 12, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: extremely feature rich, light weight, metal housing, adequate 4x camera, BLUETOOTH and USB compatible, GSM quad frequency world phone

Weaknesses: camera does not have the definition of higher megapixel cameras used on some phones

Summary: (Edited April 16th by AlexanderAkulick) This is a high-end phone for the advanced businessman, quality oriented phone enthusiast, or world traveler. It's so feature rich, many would only find its advanced features a waste. It is however, the wave of the future and a novel gift idea any "techie" will love. As it is a "flip" phone, it covers its buttons to unwanted key presses and its small slim design makes it perfect for carrying in a pocket.

Unfortunately, Cingular does not currently insure it if purchased there, neither do others. It must be returned to Motorola for repair and carries only a one year warranty from date of purchase should this be necessary. This should make you think twice before a purchase if it will be subjected to harsh physical treatment, but Motorola is a name I trust for quality.

The multi-media experience will allow you to view some cable TV wireless programs, if enabled, and it will record short video and sound segments for storage to a computer or re-broadcast to other users. Predictive text input for text messaging is slightly below Nokia's own, but is still excellent. You can check your POP-3 e-mail accounts on the internet with its browser for only one of a number of features here. Live, two-way internet text messaging is also provided for.

It has an excellent color screen that utilizes ATI's newest mobile processor and its functions are displayed with icons similar to any Window's computer monitor. Your can make and install your own screensavers easily and the screen is beautiful. That ATI processor means those included or downloaded games available will be richer in your experience as well as any video. It really looks like Motorola has played Bill Gates here with this phone's features and functions.

Like unlimited voice dialing? This phone offers excellent voice recognition of names you can easily store with numbers. Just press the smart key and say the name and within seconds the phone will repeate the name spoken to assure you of the correct number being automatically dialed.

Speaker phone? The function works excellent on both ends!

With all this "Mitey Moto" offers, one would think battery life would be short in such a small package. But, with the many hours of talk and standby time it has, it stands well above most other phones.

Bluetooth here is a great feature for synchronization with computers and your phones screen can be displayed on your computer monitor. Just get within 30 feet of any Bluetooth enabled computer and allow the connection, this cannot be done without your approval so there are no worries. Motorola even offers a nice software program for your computer and this phone if you want. The software offers a multitude of added tasks for your enjoyment.

Currently $349 after purchase for $449 with a $100 rebate from Cingular. $36 activation with two year contract purchase or $18 new SIM activation for current subscribers at Cingular. To unlock a locked phone for other subscription SIM cards, you can get the codes for a small fee here on the internet. You may want the codes not only for here in the USA but for travel in other countries for several reasons. While Cingular and others do often lock their phones, this not always the case - but be advised any SIM card provider can lock your phone when you connect to their service, requiring the unlock codes again later to change service. Also of note, is this phone's Quad frequency range means it performs worldwide.

Considering the world travel GSM function and other features, I would say this is more than a "bells and whistles" phone, as the "expert" reviewer stated here, by a longshot. EDGE systems? No, this phone is not EDGE capable but a future software download could cure that. EDGE is not all that advanced over the GPRS this phone uses. What is this? EDGE and GPRS are the "always on" newer data connect systems for internet connections - think of GPRS as a 56Kbps. dialup service and EDGE a slight improvement. This is certainly not something to ever worry about using your phone as a computer modem, and will never be a problem using the phone's browser as EDGE is definitely not on par with DSL or Cable broadband connections. Before GPRS, the connections offered as much as 9-15 Kbps. and it was never a problem for me using my old data enabled phones as modems, for most uses on the road. I was not alone in this as most others never used this modem feature that often, only in a pinch, and you will not find your phone's browser unduly slowed by this either. With the growing Bluetooth and its roughly 1Mbps. connection, this phone is easily used as a connection point to a Bluetoot enabled broadband connection through DSL or Cable - if your not using the wireless B or G internet conections offered at some restaurants, coffee houses, or the like. Expect those places and more to start using Bluetooth for this as more free and pay access points open up.

Do I like it? Hell yes! Will you like it? More than likely!

Reviewed by: weschan from CA on Dec 27, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Stunning Design, Super Thin (fits in pocket!), tons of high-tech features (you can use it as a wireless access point!)

Weaknesses: Super expensive--will set you back $500!

Summary: I'm a mobile phone afficionado, and the V3 RAZR by far is the best handset I've owned (and I've had over 15 phones!)

The design is stunning, it's 0.5" thick, it's an all metal phone (the first since the Nokia 8890), and even the keypad is completely metallic (except for the luminescent rubber striping that tells you where to press the buttons).

The battery life is equally strong; 4-5 hr talk, about one week standby on normal use.

Now for the good stuff: the phone is loaded with features:

1. E-mail: If you have GPRS support on you carrier, the V3 has a decent e-mail client that support POP and IMAP, letting you downlaod your e-mail from work (even supports SSL/Secure IMAP and SMTP!), from gMail or other web accounts that support POP, and from many other ISPs.

2. AIM - this is the first phone to have a built-in AIM client that doesn't use SMS and thus eat up all your text messaging limits. The AIM client sends everything over GPRS so it works just as it does on your PC.

3. Bluetooth - the bluetooth support is superb. Much better than what Sony/Ericcson puts in their phones. I've been able to connect the phone to both my powerbook and my bluetooth headset with no problems; and it does work 30 feet!

4. Internet access point over Bluetooth: how cool is this? I can check email and browse the web--on my Powerbook--while on the train because I can use the phone as a wireless internet access point over bluetooth!

5. Picture phone book - you can store photos of your friends; and a photo of your friend appears on the outside screen of the phone when your friends call.

This is a great phone--the features are awesome, the design is stunning. But it's super-pricey, so be prepared to blow half a $G on this if you want this uber-cool phone.

Reviewed by: phigal from VA on Feb 14, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Very Slim Huge screen Easy Keyboard

Weaknesses: Price Price and Price

Summary: First of all, I was extremely disappointed when Comp-U-Plus shipped my phone. It is a German phone, with a European charger type, but without US adapter.
So after running out to find an adapter, I was finally able to charge and use my new V3 razor.
First, it is easy to insert the Sims, then the battery. The back lid requires to be a bit handy but it goes well.
The signal is not as strong as my Nokia 6610, but I still can use it at Home.
The Screen, so big and bright is a key features of the V3. The other good part is the keyboard, so easy to type on.
All the features offered on this phone are otherwise usual on a high end phone.
The menu is not as intuitive as Nokia's, but it is still easy to handle.
The camera is easy to use, but I never had a camera phone earlier so I cannot compare. I made a lovely picture quickly and set it as wallpaper in seconds.
I have not yet explored the ringtone edition capacities,

Reviewed by: kumarbaiju from NJ on Mar 1, 2005

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: good phone.

Weaknesses: none

Summary: Its a nice phone. Works fine. Speaker is fine. I bought the unlocked one, so can be used with cingular, tmobile and at&t. very slim design. easy to slip in pockets.

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