Real-Time Innovations Introduces Industry's First Tool Suite for Developing Standards-Based Distributed Systems

Smart Tools for Connecting Smart Devices in Simulation, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, Medical Equipment, Factory Automation and Avionics Applications

San Francisco, CA March 9, 2005 -- Smart devices and fast networks are changing the landscape of industry and our world. The fine hand-eye coordination of an industrial robot, the clockwork precision of a national railway, the mission-critical control system of a battleship, air traffic control over a major city, each of these applications depends on the connectivity and cooperation of many independent devices. In all of these applications Real-Time Innovations' data-critical networking software provides seamless communication between independent devices, tying them into a logical and manageable whole. Such real-time networked devices are solving problems and delivering services single computers cannot handle.

To build these complex systems, developers need increasingly sophisticated and powerful tools to help them visualize, analyze and debug intricate platforms. Today, RTI announced the first comprehensive suite of tools that enable developers to configure, monitor and control the network.

RTI's open-architecture platform, NDDS, the basis of the Object Management Group's (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard, offers a rich set of publish-subscribe middleware that is a compelling solution with its fully integrated tools for system visualization, analysis and real-time debugging.

Now network developers have tools for DDS-based applications that will greatly simplify the design, ease development and improve the quality of applications in simulation, telecommunications, industrial automation, medical equipment, factory automation and avionics.

The industry's first fully integrated system-visualization tools for distributed systems will allow OEMs to focus on what they do best¨Cinnovative design that maximizes their return on investment. The NDDS developer tools provide informative views into the system to better understand and manage distributed application complexity. System tools enable developers to visualize network connections and understand, configure and optimize network parameters. The network tools analyze protocols and help developers understand and tune bandwidth parameters. Application tools show how the application is using the network.

Powerful System Visualization, Analysis and Debugging Tools
RTI's Surf is a system-visualization and debugging tool that finds NDDS objects, organizes them for easy understanding and shows their communication parameters. With Surf, application developers and system integrators can monitor publications and subscriptions, and display and modify parameters. This is an indispensable tool for understanding a system's communications.

RTI's Snoop is a network-analyzer tool that captures packets, shows packet contents and analyzes bandwidth use. Often, a developer just needs to see what is happening on the wire. From a workstation, Snoop looks at all the packets and captures just the ones a developer specifies.

RTI's Scope is an application-monitoring tool that monitors variables and graphs the output for fast analysis. High-performance, distributed solutions require a view into the middleware to find problems and get the best performance out of the communications channel. Scope provides a view into the NDDS middleware without stopping or slowing operation. Scope also gives access to application variables and memory locations. This data can be captured, plotted or saved for analysis.

Price & Availability
The RTI NDDS 3.1 platform and tools are immediately available. The RTI NDDS Developer Package is available in a limited-access version starting at $46,920 USD for a three-user permanent license or $26,370 USD for a three-user annual subscription. Packages include NDDS middleware, NDDS tools and one year of support. The NDDS 4.0 beta release will be available in April.

About RTI
Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (RTI, the expert in real-time information networking, leads the industry with high performance standards-based software solutions for data-critical applications. Its products and consulting services provide the infrastructure for national railways, air traffic control, traffic monitoring, mission-critical combat systems, financial transaction processing, and industrial automation. RTI's flagship product, NDDS, is middleware based on the Object Management Group's (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS). NDDS provides the essential foundation for real-time communication in a networked system and enables a new class of embedded to enterprise (e2E) applications. Raytheon, Nikon, Omron, Harmonic, Applied Materials, Schneider Automation, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and the US Military rely on RTI technology for their real-time, data-centric, distributed applications. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley since 1991, RTI is a privately held company.

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Embedded Systems Conference (ESC)
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March 7-10, 2005

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