Recording Wireless Camera Secures Property Effectively

The high-quality wireless Ailocom One security camera for business enterprises and residential markets was launched today. Ailocom One security camera especially meets the needs of business enterprises and home owners, who desire to improve their security fast, easily and cost-effectively.

Ailocom One allows users to monitor the movement of people in real time on their own workstations or, by mobile phones, in the local environment. In addition, Ailocom One also saves recorded movements as images into the camera's own memory, and users can review them later via save Bluetooth connection using a mobile phone or a personal computer. Ailocom One security camera can also be used for controlling trespassing in a company's facilities. In the home Ailocom One can be used for monitoring yards, gates, and doors.

Ailocom One security camera is based on Ailocom Oy's long experience, innovation, and strong know-how in wireless security camera solutions. The product deploys the same proven technology used in Ailocom's wireless security camera system solutions, which already have been sold worldwide. The new product is available in two versions: Ailocom OnePC is aimed at PC and laptop users; whereas Ailocom OneMobile can be used with a mobile phone. Sales and deliveries of Ailocom One security cameras will commence in the beginning of June 2004.

"This new product strengthens our position as a leading provider of high-quality wireless security camera solutions. We wanted to offer a solution to both business and residential customers. Ailocom One meets specific camera surveillance needs, which have not been fulfilled by other security solutions earlier", says Managing Director Timo Antikainen of Ailocom.

"Ailocom One has been designed for end use applications, in which a high-quality, single security camera is desired for both recording peoples' motions and monitoring them in real-time. By deploying end terminals which many customers already have, i.e. a PC, a laptop and a mobile phone, usage of Ailocom One is fast and easy. Ailocom One's high-quality changeable optics, wireless communications with a mobile phone or a personal computer, and an optional outdoor enclosure ensure a fit in versatile installation environments", says CTO Juha Tuominen of Ailocom.

More information:
Timo Antikainen, Managing Director, Ailocom Oy
Puh. +358 50 404 0730

Juha Tuominen, CTO, Ailocom Oy
puh. +358 50 404 0744

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