Remotely Monitor your Vacation Home
Save your property and equipment from costly damage by being warned in time. Protect vacation homes, water pipes, aquariums, pets (farm animals), scientific experiments, computer equipment and more. Install this unit and it will call you when any of the sensors go beyond the preset limits. Four (#7005) or eight (#7006) inputs that can be used for temperature or normally open/normally closed sensors are available (one temperature sensor is included).

Call in at any time and obtain a status report for your peace of mind. The built in microphone detects loud noises that continue for more than a preset time (user adjustable) eg. security system or smoke detector and also allows you to listen-in when you call in (or it calls you). When it begins calling out in response to an alert, it will continue calling in sequence the four (#7005) or eight (#7006) numbers you set until the call is answered and acknowledged with an input code or callback.

It will also stop if the maximum number of calls (up to 255, user-programmable) is reached. Answering machines will not disable the callout. Acknowledgment of the alarm will stop the callout but does not stop the alert condition. You can call in later and find out the status of the alert. The alert condition ceases only when the sensor readings go back to normal.

Works with Answering Machines and X10 Telephone Transponders (5000)

The Sensaphone will not interfere with your answer machine or your X10 telephone responder! It can be programmed in such a way that you dial in, let it ring once, hang up, wait 10 seconds, then dial in again, and it will answer immediately. If you are wanting to control X10 then just dial in as you normally would.

Monitor: HIGH/LOW Temperatures, Power Failure, Water Leaks and Seepage, Humidity, Intrusion/Unauthorized Entry, Loud Noises

Sample Telephone Status Report:

"Hello, this is telephone number (123)456-7890, the time is 12.15 pm."
"Alert Condition 1 OK, Alert Condition 2 EXISTS" (sensor 2 tripped),
"Alert Condition 3 OK, Alert Condition 4 OK."
"The temperature is 70 degrees... OK" (inside temperature),
"Two... the temperature is 40 degrees" (remote temperature),
"The temperature is LOW" (remote temp beyond preset limits).
"The Electricity is ON. Battery condition OK. Sound Level OK."
"Listen to sound level for 30 seconds"
"Have a good day."

This is an industrial quality unit that has been in daily use for years monitoring commercial aquariums, livestock and other valuable property. Choose the Sensaphone when you want the greatest level of peace of mind.

Comes with AC Power Adaptor. Uses 6 "D" Cell alkaline batteries (not included) for battery backup.

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