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Research and Markets () has announced the addition of Auto Industry UK 2004-2010 to their offering.

Dublin May 6, 2005 -- Research and Markets () has announced the addition of Auto Industry UK 2004-2010 to their offering.

This exclusive report on the Auto Industry in U.K. acts as a guide that understands the dynamism of the automotive markets in UK. Automotive business firms in UK have to deal with manufacturing, product designing and development, purchasing, and logistics. There has been an overall development in the U.K. manufacturing sector because of the investment that has been brought about due to the knowledge and technology in the industry. This report helps in clearly identifying the future trends and the key markets that might affect your business. The report can assist you in taking imperative decisions about your business.

The market, sectoral, and industry forecast are given in the report. The analysis is done on the basis of developments in the different sectors of the market and the macroeconomic forecasts. The report also includes the county wise division of the market analysis in Chapter 3. This research report discusses the key issues and trends in European automotive market vis--vis the U.K. automotive sector. The present scenario is discussed with the future possibilities. The strategies are of the leading market players are also discussed in this report. The analysis identifies technological, legislative and economic trends that influence the POS finance market and its growth. This industry and country analysis draws on the expertise of in-house editors and economists and a global network of more than 50 contributors. Our experts are skilled in selecting and analyzing data and information from primary sources. Accurate overviews and in-depth forecasts can be drawn easily from this report.

Report Highlights:
?Information on the market size.
?Different manufacturers and brands are included in the market share.
?An exclusive and detailed market analysis of all the regions of U.K.
?The report includes the profiles of the big-market players.
?An analysis of the different distribution channels is also given.
?A statistical analysis of production is given on the basis of the categories.
?The statistical analysis of sales inclusive of the forecast till 2010 is included.
?Complete details of the Imports and Exports in the automotive industry.
?Forecast of the business till 2010.
?Details of the assistance of the government to the automotive industry.
?The services and regulations of the U.K. automobile industry are mentioned.
?The sales trends and production areas of the automotive markets are given.
?Questions on the light vehicle segment, the sales and downward trends are discussed.
?An analysis of the driving force of the global automotive sector in the future.
?A discussion on the problem of oversupply and the consolidation activity is given in the market report.

Report Features:
The Auto Industry in U.K. gives an executive summary of the global industry along with the industry in U.K. in the first two chapters. The report also includes the historical demand data for 1993-2004. The forecast on the basis of product, country, and aftermarket service provider is given up to the years 2005-2010. The country wise division includes countries like the U.S., Canada, Mexico and more. The report examines the market share data, profiles of the key industry competitors (46), and the market environment in Chapters 4 and 13.

Brief Outline of Contents:

About the Report
Abbreviations and Terminologies
1. Global Automotive Industry Brief
2. Investment and Trade Opportunities for UK Automotive Manufacturers
3. UK Automotive Industry: Market Structure (2004-2010)
4. Trade Balances and Capital Expenditure
5. Government Regulations affecting the Trade Patterns and Manufacturing Units for UK Car Production, Sales and Distribution
6. Research and Development Processes undertaken for Expansion in Automotive and Vehicular Production, Sales and Distribution Processes
7. UK Auto Market Assessment, by Leading Companies (by market capitalization)

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