Review of Media Center Extender for Xbox

"So you have a Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005 (MCE) PC and it's been working wonderfully but you want more. You want to be able to play back those recorded TV shows, audio files, and photographs from other locations in your home. Perhaps your PC is located away from your home theater system where you would ideally like to view your content. Well to meet these needs, Microsoft unveiled the Media Center Extender (MCX) concept in the beginning of 2004. We're just now seeing the first examples of these MCX systems.

But what exactly is the MCX you might ask? The Media Center Extender allows you to stream content from a Windows Media Center Edition 2005 PC to another monitor or television set. With an MCX in place, you can view content stored on a Media Center PC from all over the household. Your PC no longer needs to be next to your television set but can be located in a different location in your home. There are two types of Media Center Extenders on the market. There are hardware based versions from HP and Linksys and then there is a software solution for the Microsoft Xbox gaming console.

Join us as look at the software add on package known as the Microsoft Windows Media Center Extender for Xbox. Let's see if the Extender software works to bring the MCE experience to the Microsoft Xbox gaming platform and more importantly – to any location in one's home...

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