SIVECO GROUP & IDTECT Share Their Knowledge in Condition-Based Maintenance

SIVECO GROUP & IDTECT join together to offer competitive integrated solutions in condition-based maintenance to optimise the ROI of major industry companies

April 1, 2005 -- IDTECT, the pioneering provider of "web based" predictive maintenance solutions, and SIVECO GROUP, Europe's leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management Systems, join their know-how to implement a common solution in machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

IDTECT offers systems and R&D-services for OEM's and End-Users, which will improve the performance of machines in general and power stations in particular. The key is online machine condition monitoring & predictive (not preventive) maintenance. IDTECT's strength lies in the data acquisition and processing part.

Existing or new sensors that are placed on a machine (pump, turbine, motor, generator) "listen" and "feel" it. The information recorded is transmitted to a server where it is analysed and archived in order to predict future events such as wear, failure, or misalignment. Automatic alerts allow timely corrective action, before production is affected. The end-user does not require any training to use the system.

Founded in 1986, SIVECO GROUP develops and delivers facilities, asset and maintenance management solutions world-wide and helps companies maximise their business profits into increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

The solutions are based on COSWIN 7i, the new generation asset and facilities management software whose modules cover : asset and maintenance management (including reactive, preventive maintenance, News Works), purchase & inventory management, issuing of KPI, reporting tool etc ¡­

IDTECT's system can be interfaced with COSWIN 7i, whose outcoming solution facilitates work order planning and avoid machines down times into predicting technical failures.

Alerts allow to create work orders in COSWIN automatically and instantaneously, thus giving details about the corrective actions to complete and recalculating the w/o planning. The history of the measurements concerning any asset is recorded in COSWIN.

SIVECO and IDTECT were able to demonstrate the solution technically at Maintenance Show in France in 2004.

Established in 1986, SIVECO GROUP is committed to providing leading edge Asset Maintenance Management solutions to the Industrial and Facilities market place. Our solutions are easily connectable to the major ERP systems, and help companies improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs and optimise profitability. Totally committed to providing solutions tailored to the needs of each client our services include, system design, development, deployment and support. SIVECO GROUP has built its success on the partnerships it creates with its customers. COSWIN, available in 15 languages and with 80,000 users, is used in all industrial and facility sectors including: Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Paper, Energy, Transportation, Utilities and Health

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IDTECT offers systems and R&D-services for OEM's and End-Users, which will improve the performance of machines in general. The IDTECT concept is simple, cost effective but highly sophisticated. It is the first affordable on-line predictive maintenance system of its kind suitable for smaller machines. The online monitoring of machine condition and operation is based on existing data (no new censors are required). It performs automatic diagnosis to predict future failure and sends alerts to key people or maintenance management systems. The innovative technology has been chosen by major key players in highly competitive markets, such as semiconductor equipment, food, automotive and process industries.

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