Searching for a hidden camera?? You found it.
700ft. Range Wireless Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

"When You Can't Be There, the RD2A Is
The Surest Way To Discover
How Your Child Is Really Being Treated"

Order Online Today and Receive a Free 10 Hour VHS Tape!

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? Hidden Camera

This alarm clock blends in with just about any environment while faithfully watching after your loved ones and property. Simply place the unit in a room you want to watch and attach the included receiver to your VCR. Press record and you will capture every move in full motion, real-time video. Return later and review the tape at your leisure.

  • Fully Functioning Radio Alarm Clock
  • Built-In Hidden Camera
  • Built-In Wireless Video Transmitter
  • 4 Channel Capability
  • 700 Foot Transmitting Distance
  • FCC Part 15 Approved
  • Wide Angle Pinhole Lens
  • Infinite Fixed Focus
  • 5 Minute Quick Setup
  • Lifetime Technical Support

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