Security Services provides Tips for Holiday Shopping Safety
The staff of at would like to wish a happy, but most of all, safe holiday season for you and yours. ADT Security Services has provided a list of tips for holiday shopping safety. The holidays are a time for giving, sharing, cheer and fun. Unfortunately, if you let down your safety guard, you could (or may) become a crime victim. Here are some tips to help make the upcoming shopping season safe and happy.

Shopping at the malls

- Park in well-lit, well-trafficked areas. Keep valuables out of sight. Lock all doors.
- Stay alert and don't allow yourself to become distracted. Stay off your cell phone.
- Don't carry large amounts of cash. Bring just one credit or debit card.
- Carry your purse close to your body. Never place your purse in a shopping cart. If at all possible, don't bring a purse. Keep your wallet in a front or zipped pocket.
- Don't overburden yourself with packages ? use a locker or your car trunk to store packages, then move your car to a new spot.
- When you return to your car, have your keys in hand, get in quickly and immediately lock the doors.
- Bring along a friend.

Online shopping

- Shop with known, reputable firms.
- Confirm phone numbers and addresses so you have another way to contact the company should something go wrong.
- Provide personal information sparingly. Online vendors do not need your Social Security number or driver's license number.
- Only use secure servers. Look for an unbroken key or padlock at the bottom of the browser window and a URL that begins with https, not just http.
- Make sure you understand all shipping charges, taxes and delivery dates. Schedule deliveries when you can be home, arrange for deliveries to your business, or set up a time that you can pick up the package from the delivery service.

As you scout the stores for bargains and great deals this holiday season, be aware that thieves and muggers are always on the lookout for good "discounts" too! Be safety-savvy to make sure that their discounts aren't at your expense.

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