Security Signs for Yard

Security signs are a powerful deterrant and inform would-be criminals that they are being watched and recorded. Most criminals won't try anything when they know they'll get caught!


  • One large 1' diameter security yard sign
  • 30" mounting pole
  • Security sign warns would-be criminals of video surveillance
  • Comparable to Smart Choice SO-YARDSIGN

  • Quality Video Security Systems
  • Color IR Weather Proof Zoom Camera
  • Wireless Colour Security Camera and Receiver
  • SECURE DIGITAL Memory Cards
  • Fixed Voltage Regulated Mains Adaptors
  • Ultra? II Memory Stick PRO? II Memory Stick PRO+#153; " src="/images/shared/cabl
  • 1/3" B & W Mini Camera in Case with 3.6mm Flat Pinhole Lens
  • Smart Choice Add-on Color Security Camera
  • Portable Radio Video Security Camera
  • ibe.aspx?doy=22m5"
  • USB Flash Storage Card Reader
  • Security Camera Industry Information