Security System provides multi-site, BS8418-compliance

ADPRO FastTrace Version 2.0 with Innovative BS8418-Driven Features

Hemel Hempstead (UK)

Vision Systems has launched an enhanced version of its award-winning ADPRO FastTrace Multi-Site Video Security System - a secure, cost-effective and reliable remote off-site video transmission and verification system - in line with BS8418 that sets new rules for remote monitoring stations and installers in relation to the quality of technology deployed in monitored CCTV installations.

The new British Standard provides clear guidance as regards the correct positioning and configuration of detectors, cameras, lighting and audio equipment, and minimum performance requirements of any technology pecified.

New features for the ADPRO FastTrace Version 2.0 including Preset on Alarm, Zone Isolation, and Total Systems Integrity have been developed to meet the Standard's strict guidelines in relation to tamper, video integrity, control equipment integrity, communication integrity, and a host of procedures relating to video storage and retrieval.

ADPRO FastTrace Version 2.0 is described as a superior product for evidential quality recording that delivers rapid remote access of live events and instant retrieval of stored images. With intelligent, interactive management software and advanced compression algorithm capability, ADPRO FastTrace provides up to 120 days storage of archived video at 1ips on up to 20 cameras without compromising image quality.

New features based around presets include Preset on Alarm, where for every alarm input, ADPRO FastTrace can now automatically determine which preset/which dome the signal should be sent to. As Jeff Kitching, Sales Manager, for ADPRO explains: "Currently, an installation requires a separate matrix and alarm input board for each dome with all of the additional cabling and wiring that is required, and the commensurate cost. Now it's just a case of programming the ADPRO FastTrace to do it." Kithing continues.

"With BS8418 placing greater emphasis on tracing and auditing alarms, this new feature instantly shows which detector is in alarm, from which camera, its position etc making the whole process more immediately transparent."

A further feature is the ability to programme the device to disable preset event response on a selected camera. "There is the issue at the moment," says Jeff Kitching, "where an RVRC operator may be looking at an incident from an alarm, and then another preset comes in and is instantly displayed, distracting the operator from the original incident.

This new feature puts the operator in control. He is still aware when another preset alarm is activated (it is flagged on screen) but can decide whether to stay with the incident he is already viewing, or go to the next preset."

The ADPRO FastTrace Version 2.0 can also be programmed to capture images clearly by taking into account the time a dome takes to move to its preset position. "If snapshots are taken whilst the camera is moving, the images are obviously blurred," Jeff says. "The new ADPRO FastTrace can be programmed to delay capturing an image for a fraction of a second to allow the camera to be in the correct position and therefore providing clear images from the required event."

In terms of communications, Version 2.0 has been further enhanced with the addition of a secondary back-up channel if the primary signal fails. The introduction of a Serial Poll signal (from the ADPRO FastTrace) extends the ability to detect interference beyond the usual scope of a RedCare line ie at the terminal adapter as Jeff continues: "There is now nothing that can happen on site in terms of communications without the RVRC being aware," he says, "whether there1s a power drop-off, a line being cut or the terminal adapter going down, the new ADPRO FastTrace provides Total System Integrity."

As well as providing integrity across ISDN and PSTN, an innovative feature also enables systems using ADSL to remain secure. "For sites using ADSL, FastTrace sends a Site Pulse (in this case a proprietary signal) to the central station at regular intervals (fully configurable dependant upon level of security required). If the pulse is not detected, then the likelihood is that communication may have been lost and the appropriate action can therefore be taken."

Other new enhancements include Zone Isolation, allowing the operator to quickly and easily isolate individual zones without having to drill down into a complicated menu. Zones such as alarm inputs, tamper detect, video loss, VMD, contrast etc can be easily isolated, with prompts to ensure that zones are re-instated once the underlying site issue is resolved and not overlooked.

Detailed logging of all site actions, including alarm activity, connection attempts, arming/disarming plus many more have all been included. This is in line with the BS8418 requirement that states that a log must be maintained for all activations on site and stored for up to six months. The ADPRO FastTrace will store up to 12 months worth of alarm activations from a typical site.

Additional features including tamper detection on alarm inputs, entry/exit paths, an event replay capability, dual path signalling, and remote state logging (including monitoring the temperature and operational state of the hard drive) all enhance the operational functionality. ADPRO FastTrace also allows multiple users to a single unit for viewing / review purposes, however alarm activity can be given priority with all communications being over-ridden in the event of an alarm activation in favour of the central station.

The ADPRO FastTrace is specifically designed for a diverse range of high security, multiple site industries that require centralised security and surveillance management, such as banks, utilities, telcos, retail sites, and transportation.

Vision Systems will be exhibiting its award-winning range of ADPRO video security products at IFSEC stand no: K95, where customers also can receive free software upgrades.
Security System provides multi-site, BS8418-compliance.

May 9, 2005 07:50 - ADPRO FastTrace v2.0 secure, remote, off-site video transmission and verification system archives up to 120 days of video recorded at 1 ips on up to 20 cameras. Along with intelligent, interactive management software and compression algorithm capability, system features secondary back-up communication channel, tamper detection, and ability to log all site actions. Other features include Preset on Alarm, Zone Isolation, and Total Systems Integrity.

Company Information:
Name: Vision Systems
Address: 35-T Pond Park Rd.
City: Hingham
State: MA
ZIP: 02043 4366
Country: USA
Phone: 800-229-4434
FAX: 781-740-4433

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