Security System provides vehicle location via Internet

Dial-A-Theft Tracking System

TEMPE, AZ - December 9, 2002 - A new revolutionary vehicle security system introduced to the market by Home Systems now provides 24 hour peace of mind to vehicle owners. The just patented Dial-A-Theft Tracking System allows customers via the internet to know the exact whereabouts of their vehicles at all times.

The Dial-a-Theft (DAT) Tracking System combines GPS technology with an online tracking system that allows customers to locate their vehicles in real time while also viewing both speed and direction of travel. By logging into the DAT web page, the customer enters a user name and password to access vehicle location. DAT offers detailed maps to follow the vehicle's positioning, as well as a wide variety of customizable options to manage the vehicle remotely.

If the vehicle is stolen, broken into, or travels outside the customer's pre-determined perimeter, a feature known as Perimeter Guard, the Dial-a-Theft System will automatically contact the vehicle owner immediately by telephone, fax, pager or email.

The customer can then track the exact positioning of the car online while alerting the police of its location. Remote access to turning vehicle features on and off is always available to the customer by internet or telephone. The customer can then choose to activate the horn and lights, engage the hood lock and/or disable the starter to regain control of the vehicle. Some additional internet upgrade features also available include: Door lock/unlock, engine start-up outside the line of sight, activation of the A/C or heat, and viewing of the driver through the placement of a camera in the rear view mirror.

Phoenix and Chandler law enforcement officials are anxious to get started with the low cost location devices. "There are so many valuable applications for this enhanced vehicle security," stated Scott Ferguson, President of Home Systems. "We are just at the beginning."

About Home Systems: Home Systems has been a leader in the home automation/home security industry for the past 10 years. For more information about their newly patented GPS vehicle management and tracking system or to purchase it, visit their website at or call 480 755-1338.
Security System provides vehicle location via Internet.

December 16, 2002 07:44 - Dial-A-Theft Tracking System combines GPS technology with online tracking system allowing user to locate vehicle in real time while viewing speed and direction of travel. If vehicle is stolen, broken into, or travels outside user's pre-determined perimeter, Perimeter Guard will automatically contact owner by telephone, fax, pager, or email. Remote access to turning vehicle features on and off is available to customer by Internet or telephone.


General Information:
Tony Avila
Phone: 480-755-1338

Company Information:
Name: Home Systems
Address: 230 W. Baseline, Suite 107
City: Tempe
State: AZ
ZIP: 85238
Country: USA
Phone: 480-755-1338

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