Security camera could hold murder clue

By Jodie Menzies
May 5 2002

Police have viewed footage from security cameras at a Port Melbourne shop in the hope of finding those responsible for the murder of Victor Peirce on Wednesday.

Telstra shop owner Isabelle Worthy said detectives had visited the Bay Street store to view the footage, but could not confirm whether tapes had been removed.

Ms Worthy said she would be surprised if police had found anything of note because the shop did not have an external camera.

"They came in and had a look thinking it might be able to help their investigation, but whether or not it did, I can't confirm," she said.

She said the shop was closed when Peirce was killed in Bay Street but she believed his body was in the middle of the road, out of range of security cameras. A police spokesman said the head of the homicide squad, Detective Inspector Brian Rix, had no comment to make.