Sencore Sponsors ISF/HAA/RTI Home Theater Certification Classes in Dallas

Sencore Electronics is sponsoring a five day "Maximizing Home Theater Performance" certification seminar in Dallas, Texas. In this seminar you will learn what makes a good home theater, including pitfalls to avoid, check lists to follow, and ways to build your installation business. You'll learn how the entire room ambiance including the video image, sound quality, room acoustics, and RF distribution are as much a part of the home theater environment as the electronic components themselves. Plus, you'll receive extensive hands on training on how to efficiently use the right tools, and make measurements that eliminate guesswork and subjective decisions.

January 27, 2005 -- Days 1&2: Producing Picture-Perfect Video ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certification Seminar.

This portion of the seminar addresses critical issues surrounding the video display and digital television. Attendees will gain a full understanding of the systems approach to electronic imaging and learn how to accurately reproduce visual images from all video sources.

Day 3: Modern RF Design & Installation RTI (RF Training Institute) Certification Seminar
The goals of the RF course are to prepare students to choose and place antennas with predictable success and tackle the challenges of today's multi-room distribution systems.

Days 4&5: System Setup for Superb Sound HAA (Home Acoustics Alliance) Certification Seminar
HAA promotes the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques. Students learn strategies to achieve the critical acoustic goal of uniform modal distribution.

Students will receive certifications from the Imaging Science Foundation, Home Acoustics Alliance, RF Training Institute, and Sencore upon successful completion of the seminar. Course materials and lunch are included in the price of the seminar. Space is limited.

For full course outline and training schedule, visit or call 1-800-736-2673 (int'l: 1-605-339-0100).

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